"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



I grabbed the bull by the horns  as hipster arriviste was

cruising the same cane seat ¬†at Balzac’s ¬† I tapped the

faux-lumberjack guy on the shoulder  You Leaving?   Ya   

Seat was warm    So warm that I broke into a sweat

+wondered if I was overcome by a  lovehotseatsickness


Heart jumping out of chest  mostly because another hipster had

just tapped my breast?   Hand slipped  apparently   In any case he

wanted the seat next to me   MAC: sadistic vixen  lipstick  against

pointy incisors  frightened him away   Now I sit  +contemplate love

a day¬†after Valentine’s ¬† ¬† Likely wearing one skull too many



Tru Love..



Winter 2018



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