"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



She looked into my tequila eyes +said: Say yes to the dress

with pockets   I mumbled how it was very Meghan Markle

Muted pink  like Meg’s lipstick  Faux Roland Mouret   Flared

skirt  tight bodice    Lean +duchessy


Dress with pockets a crunchy synthetic   Monsieur Mouret

wouldn’t touch with a 10 ft pole  Tequila eyes glinting in change

room  where life+death decisions not made   Sell my soul for

129.99    Splayed tanned toes on thick rug  a soft cocoa


The colour of Meghan’s skin  She who will give Harry gingerbrown

children   Poet dwells on details of life in Kensington Palace  ad

nauseam   A lifelong penchant for:  princesses  +escape from the

bourgeoisie  Tequila eyes all twitch+envy  Plotting quick exit before

salesgirl who loves pockets bars the door





Summer of Meghan  2018


..the coy little duchess..

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