"It's about words, and words are all I have…"




Her face:

sneering  hate-etched into lush slashofmouth

eyes sodead  zombifiedtween  bruisedbeauty

queen   13


Her mother:

wan  29  prostitute  crackhouse denizen since

forever  walkingthewalk  toddler girl on a leash

cut by authorities  scooped her at  3


Her 1st+only session:

therapist u fool  why would i trust u  your hippietalk

makes me want to puke  +pull your coiffed curls until

they come out of your toosmartforwords head


low snarl emit  topples shelf with hundreds of glass minis

(look  you can make a story from your life!)   slamsdoorshut

on the run to bigcity   leash dangling   mummy i will find u

mummy  who crushed hamsters underfoot when she was  2     

(tell me your first memory!)







Fall 2018  ..going home..



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