"It's about words, and words are all I have…"


2018 can kiss my skinny white  ankles

daddy died in ’89  so did secretariat  his favourite

horse  and it was reported in the newspaper: the great 

horseman lee atkins died this year  so too the horse with

three white socks   this christmastime we mourn his son

he built toronto  said a dental surgeon’s daughter playing

jewish geography   for all we know he  is still in mexico?

looking out his window  at  dirt roads  a donkey  and 1 drug

lord   the one left after 13 butchered in town square    i’m

never going there  where the doctors don’t know their asses

from cancer   but lunch is 4 bucks   and that’s 2 for 1





christmas 2018  ..come home already..

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