"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

a denturist from dartmouth + a virus from chinaūü¶á


have ruined my 63rd birthday  but hey

i was already half-crazed  some would

say  fourfifths   but on this day  in the midst

of  respiratorymayhem  the screw  she turns


so  have i been screwed royally?   hell yes! 

is covid the last emperor of china?  quite likely

today i will sport my inches of grey  with faux

joie de vivre  +whitecankels


and deep inside  where i used to hide  shelter in place

resides a febrile elation  battling for survival  and

world domination


bring it!


bat-eaters +cow-towers

i am not an animal   (in a wet market  being tortured)

I am batshitcrazy¬†¬†BATWOMAN!ūü¶áūü¶á

and i stand by this poem



psychic spies from China

try to steal your mind’s elation

(Red Hot Chilli Peppers  Californication) 




CovidSpring ¬†2020 ¬†..hands of my elation motherfuckers..ūü¶á


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