"It's about words, and words are all I have…"


my father was a real live cowboy  he came with






+ a goat  (billy  who fell hard for a brother)


mother doesn’t remember him much  96 yr. olds

live in the moments between meals  and nowadays

say things like:  it’s a good time to be dead  +  i feel like crying+dying


but she really doesn’t mean it!  she has always been

a dramaqueen  didn’t pass it on to me  no  it was to

a brother  who  is not here to rail against this shitty batvirus


another kind of virus took him down  october 21, 2018   metastatic+mortis


did u know there are hundreds of batcorona viruses

circulating among our herd each year?  perhaps our

batman🦇mythos  where batman becomes a god-protector

is kind of like jesus fighting Lu


but how does this explain robin?  hmmmm  well another

brother ran around  in cape+tights   and has reinstated

these  as he fights  the pricklycovidjoker  on deathlydowntown nights


riddle me this: why are we so docile facing the batshit abyss?

how come the hordes are not fighting back  like said brother?

perhaps people in glass houses should not throw stones  or

drink lysol  or harangue others who had bayonets pointed at ’em  24/7




CoronaSpring  2020


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