"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

the shining©️

in this dream 2 sisters named Von Niebelschitz         (seriously)

guide you toward nirvana   except they are extremely

out of breath  going up the 67 steps  in your new townhouse

it faintly resembles  the Overlook Hotel    any minute

Jack the dullboy  will jump out


HERE’S JOHNNY!      he will shout


the Von Niebels twitter nervously  faintly resembling the

twin girls  all bugeyed+deflowered  from The Shining©️

but  in the basement you later find  a vontrap  door!   it

leads to the red carpet you will walk   into the final act


this interlude will hold some of your finest years  the years of

wine+roses  +non-weight bearing bathing  but  before any of

that occurs  you will waltz through sepia ballrooms  to the sea


energy can be transformed  but never destroyed

this the 2nd law of thermodynamics  so fuck McFate

the 3rd law  + you heard it here:  only the present exists©️


the couple in their new townhouse


Almost Spring 2021  ..the tide is turning..




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