"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

a virus of wealth+fame🦇

a nola munchkin squeaked her way through a 50 minute

set  in a 4 hour show  omfg  it was interminable +cringe

around me were a few thousand  unmasked denizens


flirting with the spiked one🔅


the spiked prince  u know him?  please allow me to introduce

myself  i’m a virus of bat  +fame   i killed the tzar  lemmings

willynilly  +still hide in their beds


so after 4 hrs of non-cavorting  in a 5 layer mask  my old bro

driving like Steve McQueen +coughing like a geezer   i arrived

home   spent+flaccid


only to find husband #3  had clearly been  with his bovinemistress

bitondogirl   named for the pizza shop  she squats above  i always

know when he’s been with her


his beard  all flour+shrimp🦐



Summer 2022  ..bitondogirl’s brisket..a thing of beauty..not to mention her….

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