"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

sold my soul to the devil for 15 free yearsūüĎŅ

birth looks way harder  than death

last breath  utter peace  first breath

primal screammmmmm


intimations of being forced to worship

immortality  ephemeral beauty  mammon

+a life of numbing out to the pain/pleasure   rollercoaster


with the 10,000 things


footlong hotdogs



et al.


let’s face it ¬†corpulence sucks ¬†why not resurrect

your dead?  repatriate them to their former glory

smiling  pristine  smoothskinned  +fabulous


don’t hold onto the decay ¬†the scenes of decompose

+stink   RISE UP!  you who are still (barely) alive  and

RUN for the fucking hills


That the self advances
And confirms ten thousand things
Is called delusion.. (Dogen 1200-1253)


Fall 2022  ..if u say so Bob..

The enchantment of being here at all, alive and aware,

is a gift too often considered a problem.

(Robert Saltzman The Ten Thousand Things)



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