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*this poem is not about woody allen’s mother

the purgatorio of dante   hellfire pecking

this purgatory  forest fires blazing  hearts inflamed

lungscorch too


so who’s

to blame



or  sparks from a fast moving train  ?


this yarn is not about climate change

it’s about    the inbetween


the place between  knowing   being lost

being found  +profoundly following your



not the thickheaded  monsterbrain

who says:  take the road u know          ad nauseam


don’t go out in the snow

don’t go out if it’s hot



did i mention EVER?


wait!  this is not your brain’s voice   it’s that giant

disembodied motherhead  floating over bathurst st.


my kids love me so much  they pay a shrink  + talk

about me!   







Summer 2021  …oh the motherlode…

happyshinypeople making whoopee

you’re looking for something   she said

after she’d hung her head  for a full 3 minute



this after i told her she’d be moving  to her

3rd retirement community        at 97


endemic to pandemic:



explosive urges to bolt

explosive urges to stay                  in the boiling frogpot


i’m too old

so am i

that ship’s sailed

for me too

i can’t

i will carry u



the deepdive isn’t for everyman


well how about a happyshiny

good old fashioned lobotomy?





Summer 2021  ..not the summerofsoul..



delta v. blues🦇🔅🦇

missississippi delta shining like the national  disease?

as of today 2/3 of sippians remain unvaxed   giving

new meaning to  delta variant blues  poverty +racialized

the soul of a soulless country


mississippi goddam!  when the apocalypse ends I’m going

to Graceland  look up daddy+elvis  both died at 3:16 on the

16th of August   both hardcore +troubadour  perhaps a little

depressed around the edges


conventional life holds no allure for the stallions among men

just ask Pricilla+Freida  but i digress  into dubiousterritory


i may even find Ellen there  the most recent departee  at our

mother’s home for:  unwashed  +unvarnished lonelyhearts

the two stopped speaking within 5 days of our mother’s arrival


something about:  uncensored  who needs a diet more  discourse

but by the time of Ellen’s death  kisses were being blown  ditto covid


i don’t even know Ellen’s last name  does anyone out there know where

she’s being buried?  she loved my red patent boots  +a brauny brother

also the opera


would it have killed me to take her to Carmen?




Summer 2021

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