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no shit no lotus

beyond a certain point in life who is not

hitching a ride with the reaper?  he who

approaches unbelled


a 40 something guy  grasped by dirtyfingers

right off of the rink  the perfect all Canadian

death   eh


a witness later said to me: better to go down 

that way than on the toilet  he really said this

but then  his dreams are filled with shitcreeks  +paddles


makes sense  ’cause he’s a voyageur  bravely

paddling the river of no return  everysingleday

sound familiar?


don’t worry too much

about your paddling skills



..the river lies in a grail of quietude..dead waste +condoms

+fruitrinds ..that rear from the fecal mire..dear friend the reap

is not to be dwelt upon..for it is by suchwise that he is invited in..

(Cormac McCarthy  Suttree  1979)



Winter 2022  ..survival of the fittest eh..

mark lanegan blues

there’s something to be said for the wild   for the bacchanal

squandering your light for darkness  revel in your  abandon

my punk poet grungeguy died of covid   coma+eviscerate


ribs broken  fell while dropkicking the round orb with nails

his wife declined the proffered trache  lest it destroy his

gravelpit voice


i didn’t cry for Bowie  but this unglam rocker  got in


in my squandered dreams i wanna be like him  not 35 yrs

a slave  to: mortgage marriage +monog   i took the road most

travelled    fucccck


troubadour visions on a pyre of tradition  in like a lion  out like a

failedrebel   ouchhh   okay  still time to worship  the debauch

all is not lost     yet


..whatever was in this shitwagon i’d caught a ride on, it was

no joke.. this thing was trying to dismantle me  body+soul..

(Mark Lanegan on his deathbed this week)



Winter 2022  ..RIP M.L. raising hell in heaven..



a room at the top

my first age spot  perfect circle   unmistakable sign

of the slide  to the otherside   on a more positive note

at least it’s not a liver spot  remember those?


my parent’s friends had them  one in particular  Bill  (no one kinder)

giant crop circles of pallid brown  alcohol +henpeck

even Bill’s dog was crazed  +not in a happyway


his dog ran in circles  not only that  but Sammy D. jr. would

re-circle the same circle  twice   moral of story: life is a bitch

series of vicious circles  of your OWN making  (ie.. Bill’s 2nd wife

locked Bill in a back room)




hey  there is no padlock on the prison of your mind

there NEVER was  you’re just too busy shining klieglights

on the past to be able to sink into the everpresentpresent

the one dying at the same rate as you



Winter 2022 (live dammit live! ..doesn’t begin to cover it..)

who u calling old?


they sent me a letter  appalling+gibberish

full of tips for the aged  +fetid


how to:

take medication

get exercise



do the aged love?  do the fetid?


inevitable+flab  creaking  but not stupid  Mr. Gov’t

same government who allowed mayhemists free reign

+lodging in our capitol city  only the best for our terrorists


and they’re telling me  how to take medication?



Winter 2022


no guru


there are so many gurus now  take podcasts

for instance  (please take them)  deep wells

of  blah  blah   fall in  and there u will find   mad trolls


gone mad

from podpeople

circle jerks


said trolls  should u be on a meditation-pod

will drag u back to the  here+now  which u

are told ad nauseam  is the place to be


unless u live in a place where terrorists kidnap

girls at play  how about popping back  into gunfire

landmines  et al


or into Canada  the sound of sedition  honking

inside those 500 trucks  hunker populists  pressed close

to our parliament buildings


with bombs ?

AK-47’s ?

and young children

asleep on damp mats     (soon to be taken away)




Winter 2022  ..when human respect is disintegratin’..




el silencio es oro jérry

i have developed an aversion to the GPS lady

who speaks in eurotrash subliminals   yesterday

on the way  to a too long movie  i will swear she

called me




recently she directed us

into the belly of the beast

and we are still  trapped there   slut!



Winter 2022  ..enough already with the Spanish flu equivalencies..


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