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immortality what is it good for absolutely nothing

the unvarnished truth re: immortality   we invented it

out of fear   no one from the tribe wanted to be like

the inert guy  over there


they poked  +prodded  +bugs lauded



fast forward to the 21st century  warehouse blues for

80 – 102    old dementing  many fomenting  chosen few



sprouting shrouds none too soon

how do u like immortality now?


ask those in the waiting house   each+every one will tell u

doctors are ghouls  the script pad + jagged little pills  devil’s seeds

especially  the tinytiny one  they can barely see


openmouthed gaping   did it go down?

which 60 yr old will ever eat again

with  zest   gusto   aplomb?


hey  why not be brave  take away the immortality cocktails  give them

fine cognac fer chrissakes  turn waiting houses into palliative yurts! use

your imagination people   (how ’bout a few ladders!)


build places where

the boneold  can rest

before the final climb


we don’t need  your bingo  your dark sarcasm re: non weight bearing

showers   your other goulish devices   hey people  leave the almost

dead   to the task of  HOME


the eternal return

the anti-dote to your

filthy immortality


O Lord  i wanna be in that number!


Fall 2022  ..poet needs vacation..

when the machine breaks down

loss of bearings


no signposts

or dropped breadcrumbs

no path back


there is no  back

back is gone

rearview smashed


enough hammering you with metaphors bleak+apocalypse?


if you are over 60  you know well these themes

if you are over 90  you just don’t know


where you are

where everyone went

when your name will be called


and you can leave the land of constant indignity

and land on the shores of success


..may you sail the seas of ambition

and land on the shores of succcess..

(entry in poet’s autograph book 1965 /Joseph Marlieb)  


Fall 2022  ..all sissies will be shot on sight..

get up off your knees momma

we fashioned the godstories out of our own

nailed to the crossness   who has not been

called upon to be the phoenix?   to rise up

from the ashes of destruction       again


like the god who ever dies  + is ever re-born

hey u  who only knows  the happiness  the plentiful  

the successness   go on  + cast the first stone


then go to your favourite resto  + pigout    preferably maskless



Fall 2022  ..don’t worry be happy..😷

my own private apocalypse

how does the unconscious know?

how does it eviscerate the scrim?


you know   that ultra thin veneer of:

hey everything’s okay  i’m gonna live

happilyeverafter  my rotting roof won’t   cave in


though my yellow mould covered house is palliative


even my tv shows have descended  from hi-art  into

sex+blood+drugs   the hyperstylization of bare ass

+goodhair  on a drool worthy fool


(but he went to Harvard ape!)


last night’s dream so real   the horror  oh the horror

minutiae of mephistopheles  the kind where u instantly know

you’re never going to unknow


apocalyptic bloodcurdle  renders Cormac’s  The Road  childsplay


no wonder u spent your waking dayafter in ruin  +almost

beat your covidridden mother to a fine pulp  queen of manip

brainfog  my asss


with my scrim in tatters  +husband #3 drinking beers in sweaty

manrooms  it is time to build alliances  with kindstrangers  people

who actually want to see me  +a MAID doctor or two



FALL 2020  ..jon bernthal is dead to me..

quantum teleportation is your friend

3 scientists of quantum physics have decoded  entanglement theory

for this they won the Nobel prize  ie., explaining the entanglement of

me  +my dead peops


this week  we had a major sighting of brother #1  dead 4 long yrs

2.5  pandemic ridden   there he was in a   FLASH💥  of light  beside

my GIANT  Frida Kahlo tome    his final home  Mexico!


i’d been ruminating on his chiseled face  in a photo  circa 1968

football eyes  squarejaw  +indomitable   until he wasn’t   at this

very moment  there was a   teleporting  happening across the way


at brother #2’s condo  where a heavy piece of art  began to sway

on its chain  repetitively   the universe yanking our chains?   or

should we be sharing the Nobel’s  $1.2 million prize?


for here was quantum teleporting  writ large   as my brother  + i

welcomed our bloodghost  with a frothy Ghost Rider toast  to a man

holy conundrum +imp   wandering star   still talking a mile a minute


Fall 2022  ..long may u ride Martino..

..and tommy doesn’t know what day it is..


my meditation guru always talks about  arriving here

in the body  in the moment  in this present world   NOT

head-up-ass   autopilot +robot


as a therapist to tortured children  i must ask u Jeff Guru:

don’t defences + dissociation serve an important purpose

for humans pushed beyond the limits of  trauma+suffering?


for the child to leave his invaded body  during the invasion

is a good thing  no?  clearly difficulty arises  when after wiring

this coping mechanism into the brain


u don’t feel much  anymore   if at all



zombies walk the earth   so Jeff Guru  u do not contain  the

multitudes  now do u?   for the less life trampled  coming into

the lush moments of life more fully  is transcendent


the sights  smells  sounds  of my  ancient mother’s covid wasting  are not

say  YES   to your inner zombie


being more present   means being in trauma  being in beauty  being in

the horror   for the transcendent few


fully alive

ears pricked

heart open

wonder+gratitude  are the path out   *if the Minotaur doesn’t get u first


but oh the temptation of a shocking pink pair of shoes  the 10,000

things  pulling u back to   fight flight freeze   the high trapeze  of life

in the bigs


where all u really have to do  is breathe  +chew gum  at the same time

u can do it clothed apes   yes u can!



Fall 2022  ..pandemic ?  what pandemic ?

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