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**what really happened

with one bare hand  i lifted a boy

who weighed almost as much as  me

from the tallest tree in our vicinity


hands up if u know who helped me?


(*addendum to Spence Spence)

Spence Spence

he had designs on my elevenyearold  body

Mr. Spence  perv+lurchlike  greasy greasy  hair

no Elvis    just plain ugly


he’s dead now  had me on his lap  at his big brass  desk

i was blossom+pre-skank   as the initiated know  11 yr. old  girls

reek of pheromones


he stopped short of full-blown virginsacrifice  he’d

met my father who resembled a linebacker   i suppose

Spence Spence  preyed more fully on the  unprotected   dejected


the ones who would later be my child clients  in the

temenos of pain   it was also in that year  i saved a

brother’s life   as he hung  from a tree  by his hoodie


had Spence touched me  i’d have shived him  with the

very same knife i used  to cut my brother  out of a tree

shrieking  like a girl banshee

__ was she who seduced me..

(Humbert Humbert  Lolita  1955)


Last Day of 2021   ..goodfuckingriddance..




regina f dearest

she’s a queen  in exile  furstole silkgowns

elbow length satingloves   now mine


in exile from her   she who has grown jitter

+balanceshot  but we remember  that queen


her wraithbody


redhair streaming   not in a river  not ophelia

mother couldn’t swim  drive  or cycle   but she can fly



Winter 2021 ..for F..

putrifacto blues

idiot games  marriage is  not everyday  but mostly

constant jousting

jostling archangels + antichrists

come to save u


on the other hand  there are moments of transcendence

between bullshit+dryrot

where nirvana smells

like your husband’s fibrillations


..mounted one on top of another in idiot games and wanton lust..

(Virginia Woolf  To The Lighthouse  1927)


Winter 2021   ..for ASC.. 31 yrs..💘..lumbersexual extraordinaire

*what goes about on 4 legs in the morn 2 at noon 3 in the eve?

*your fate if u can’t answer the riddle


entropy+atrophy are having a party in my soulhole

not to mention the carnival atmosphere in my body

dying cells slamdance  as giblets savoury  sold at

hot dog stands


FINAL THIRD!  the carnis bark   STEP RIGHT UP!

old ladies  petrifying gents  come one  come all  (if u still can)

but i would never trade  the inside  for 25 yr. old  outsides

a superbody quarterly  would do


one brother recently suggested i jump up+down for a blocked ear

i just stood there  +demented    j  u  m  p  ??    but it was when he

encouraged legkicks  that things grew  Lucy  


now on the floor


those fucking kicks

led me to believe

something is rotting



Winter 2021  ..omi can kiss my old white..




i got down on my knees

what a world!  when i cant even get a free beer

a man said this  in front of the LCBO  Liberty Village TO

let’s be clear  it’s hipster paradise in there


but sans liberty  cause everybody’s attached to being  ubercool

me too   but old brokendown cool   like father  all backbroke +jazz

he hated Mick with a passion   +now i see why


scrawny  unbrawny  +decidedly NOT  Slim Harpo   i know things gonna

get tougher  but it’s okay  i’m regularly in  the zone  with various swamis

who have been meditating  for 4.2 million staryears


did u know that the stars u see tonight don’t even exist?  burned out

billions of lightyears ago   just like your libido  so may the force entwine u

with your  BIG DREAM   the one u still glimpse at the edges


better get cracking though

tomorrow today will be yesterday

and so will yous



Winter 2021 .. still slouching toward Frisco be born..



it’s a girl mrs. atkins it’s a girl

something gross happened in the shower  on friday

(NO! not that)   earwax+water=cement   husband’s

bloviations  now below the radar


bros called me  earwig soulsister  +a largesse woman

named Olga said: if it’s impacted it’s a grand more bitch

this in Yorkvile  where skinny leather jeans cost  $1,995

(and almost zero cows die in the making)


did u know that sound+touch are inextricably bound?

like love+hate

like love+chainsaw   etc.


if u can’t hear dick  u can’t feel dick

sort of like that other thing  u thought

i was doing

in the shower



Winter 2021  ..Apsie? Apsie?..

diatribal masturbation

sometimes i go diatribal   a bit like going psycho

zillions of words come to me  some fit into stories  nicely

others are not so nice   all cancergory +fetid


it’s fucking wordglory people!


Allen Ginsberg wrote regularly on psilocybin  +won a Pulitzer

I want to know what happens after I rot  

because I’m already rotting

and who wants to get fucked up the ass really?

my ass drags in the universe  I know too much

and not enough  (Mescaline 1961)


i write unstoned+whiteknuckle  but soon the magic shroom

will be legalized  i tried them at 12  +Jesus called me into our

ravine  where witches  giants  +our long dead grandfather hungout


now spat out  +decrepit   i’m learning how to ride the waves  so fuckchaos

creepy armskin  +omi    i will rise up again     somewheres



Winter 2021  ..youth she’s wasting..

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