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calling all clingons

holy extraversion batman!


all of humanities problems stem from man’s 

inability to sit quietly in a room  alone

(Blaise Pascal  1623-1662)


STOP  all the zooming  +breadbaking

u craft desperados  fer chrissakes  u

who want life eternal  cannot sit indoors

on a rainy sunday without wanting to leap


could this be fate bringing our extraverted

famewhoring  world  to its knees?   hey

a girl can dream


if u want immortality  yer gonna have to work

a little harder people!  during the black death

peaking from  1347-1351   200 million people died


but it continued in  WAVES   well into the 1600’s

when blaise was putting a few thoughts together

so get a fucking grip!   hermits rule  +it’s finally cool

to be one




Spring  2020   ..hell is other people.. Jean Paul Sartre..+ H. Lee Atkins

in my basement room with a needle + a push up bra

jailed flowers in our park  1000 buck fine for dressing passive   (some shot on site)

piles of dead flowers on hillsides  beside elderly  tossed in heaps

if u r looking for alchemist’s gold  u will perhaps find it in discarded

locust husks  because plagues ‘r us?    this one’s biblical proles

think 11 billion  swarming east africa  this minute  mass starvation  airborne   now












(sounds a lot like Passover  no?) ( except for: boils frogs firstborns murdered)


so hands up   who loves the herd  now?  with its  mammalian ludicrosities 

can’t steal that one  it’s fuckingfaulkner!  but seriously  some faulty conscience

chip  has led to this  the woman screaming in loblaws: THE CHINESE DID THIS

AND THEY LIED!!   was carted away in a tightwhitejacket


one day  u will long for simpler times   like when trump was assigned  to the

house that putin built  now it’s about losing your religion democracy  +mao is doing

summersaults   what would u give to return to a past filled with  toiletpaper  sanitizer

+freedom?  there is no candy coating the pricklycovid  (is it just me or is that sucker

beyond ugly?)


there is no return


how to break this to u?  the  eternal return  is cancelled  shut down  masked

if it looks like spring  +walks like spring  is it?  or just the devil’s glamour   who

will u return to  when your former self  has been brainwashed into thinking  that

the  new normal    is normal    ??



it is  right?




Spring 2020

i’ll take mine with a side of hanta

no more perfunctory smiles  humanfaces

i.e. ..the gaze..  fallen by the wayside  as

muted+masked marauders  take to the virus

like shit thru a covidgoose


i did see a mouse among the organicgarlic at

my greengrocer yesterday   pulled back my

hand  didn’t say boo  hoo     ..okay okay


in the midst of covid-19  not going to cry over

a little hanta with my linguini   these days too

busy crushing translucent greenspiders  to a

pulp  (i who used to ferry bugs to a window)


i have a brother who hates: lakes+babies   now

i do too  +covidrage is demolishing relations with

husband #2  but things are much livelier with a virus

around   especially the early dawn visits of sailors  i

now generously share


i asked said husband:

what should i do if i think i‘m losing my mind?  

number 2:

don’t tell me


any other suggestions?




and moans



Spring 2020  ..hey  don’t lose yer sense of humour..



my father was a real live cowboy  he came with






+ a goat  (billy  who fell hard for a brother)


mother doesn’t remember him much  96 yr. olds

live in the moments between meals  and nowadays

say things like:  it’s a good time to be dead  +  i feel like crying+dying


but she really doesn’t mean it!  she has always been

a dramaqueen  didn’t pass it on to me  no  it was to

a brother  who  is not here to rail against this shitty batvirus


another kind of virus took him down  october 21, 2018   metastatic+mortis


did u know there are hundreds of batcorona viruses

circulating among our herd each year?  perhaps our

batman🦇mythos  where batman becomes a god-protector

is kind of like jesus fighting Lu


but how does this explain robin?  hmmmm  well another

brother ran around  in cape+tights   and has reinstated

these  as he fights  the pricklycovidjoker  on deathlydowntown nights


riddle me this: why are we so docile facing the batshit abyss?

how come the hordes are not fighting back  like said brother?

perhaps people in glass houses should not throw stones  or

drink lysol  or harangue others who had bayonets pointed at ’em  24/7




CoronaSpring  2020


a denturist from dartmouth + a virus from china🦇


have ruined my 63rd birthday  but hey

i was already half-crazed  some would

say  fourfifths   but on this day  in the midst

of  respiratorymayhem  the screw  she turns


so  have i been screwed royally?   hell yes! 

is covid the last emperor of china?  quite likely

today i will sport my inches of grey  with faux

joie de vivre  +whitecankels


and deep inside  where i used to hide  shelter in place

resides a febrile elation  battling for survival  and

world domination


bring it!


bat-eaters +cow-towers

i am not an animal   (in a wet market  being tortured)

I am batshitcrazy  BATWOMAN!🦇🦇

and i stand by this poem



psychic spies from China

try to steal your mind’s elation

(Red Hot Chilli Peppers  Californication) 




CovidSpring  2020  ..hands of my elation motherfuckers..🦇



why does a guy with a burgeoningbird + a covidcough

follow me on my lonely walks?  (my bros believe i am

naivé  +pet the chickens of wrinklymen in theatres)


u pet one chicken …


but i am not waiting for herdimmunity  i’ve been immune

to the herd’s  lemmingseductions my hole life  or have i?


30 yr. mortgage

27 of which in the trenches of humanity

spat upon by savants+divorced husbands

therapist  yer just a high paid babysitter   this from

a beadyeyed psychologist  after i encouraged his

6 yr. old not to kill his mother  with scissors  (wasn’t there a feature film about this?)


and each night in this covidcrisis  i drink in the

reflection  of stars in my scotch  all smokey  with

leather  peat  +dregs of fear  but when this is over

i have BIG plans:


make the trek up bathurst st.  to squeeze my old mother

grown quarantinepeevish   the latkes are minuscule i tell u     minuscule 


carve out a jagged heart  into my newly silvered hair   a la  moses


walk down the mountain  burning bush in tow

and never come back  no mo

no mo

no mo


“You can be a murderous tyrant and the world will remember you fondly

but fuck one horse and you will be a horse fucker for all eternity.”

(Catherine The Great  Empress of Russia  1762-1796)





when freedom’s not just another word Kris

u never know when yer doing a thing

for the last time  (obv)   then later it is  the very last time u ever saw  his face

until he turned up  bonewhite  +dusty  at the foot of a young pine


so u spend 18 mts. in a crown of thorns  +all the shiny people

give u 3  to howl like a dawg   and the chaingang of virus she’s waiting

but the boys on  Purdon  Parchman Farm  remain ball+chain averse

like you  +yer old mother    we don’t stop for nobody



Passover 2020  ..fuckslavery..

i want to be the doll with the most cake

i lost my driver’s license today  on a covidwalk

license proofpositive  i am  real   must carry i.d.

or carted to the gulag  where stern cops pull yer

teeth    mid-gnash


war measures act  has lead to government measuring  of skulls

only way to identify u  in makeshift morgues  (no daffodils as promised  pre covid 19)

Faulkner’s  as i lay dying  is a de rigueur read   addie bundren’s

coffin  is hauled across america    +she is lost in

the mighty mississippi


last night in a fevered dream: i am  a ratty+naked barbie

hairclumped+rasta   i am in someone’s hand   plastic   with smooth privates

but who i ask u  isn’t feeling trapped  +barely human?


today my lawyer told me: it’s not fraud if no one actually  understands

how to procure the gov’t aid money!  (and no one does..)   SHOW ME THE MONEY!  

pierre elliot’s kid   he of the goatee   looking like a salt+peppered

dybbuk   all snakeoil+limp


much like relations with husband #3   after 26 days in  covidcaptivity

i asked him recently: it’s hard being human  isn’t it?   his answer:

i don’t know  that’s all i’ve ever been   +there is the rub

no clouds of glory trailing    just meat +potatoes






COVIDSPRING  2020  ..hands up if u think a scot can be full of malarky?..

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