"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

in my basement room with a needle + a push up bra

jailed flowers in our park  1000 buck fine for dressing passive   (some shot on site)

piles of dead flowers on hillsides  beside elderly  tossed in heaps

if u r looking for alchemist’s gold  u will perhaps find it in discarded

locust husks  because plagues ‘r us?    this one’s biblical proles

think 11 billion  swarming east africa  this minute  mass starvation  airborne   now












(sounds a lot like Passover  no?) ( except for: boils frogs firstborns murdered)


so hands up   who loves the herd  now?  with its  mammalian ludicrosities 

can’t steal that one  it’s fuckingfaulkner!  but seriously  some faulty conscience

chip  has led to this  the woman screaming in loblaws: THE CHINESE DID THIS

AND THEY LIED!!   was carted away in a tightwhitejacket


one day  u will long for simpler times   like when trump was assigned  to the

house that putin built  now it’s about losing your religion democracy  +mao is doing

summersaults   what would u give to return to a past filled with  toiletpaper  sanitizer

+freedom?  there is no candy coating the pricklycovid  (is it just me or is that sucker

beyond ugly?)


there is no return


how to break this to u?  the  eternal return  is cancelled  shut down  masked

if it looks like spring  +walks like spring  is it?  or just the devil’s glamour   who

will u return to  when your former self  has been brainwashed into thinking  that

the  new normal    is normal    ??



it is  right?




Spring 2020

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