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last night i saw leo crawl inside of an Appaloosa

After falling from a cliff    +after being mauled

by a Griz   +after clawing his way out of a grave


Exhausting neo-cowboy film   Alejandro Inarritu

on steroids  or something    gorgeous winter light

lots of grunting  especially the bear tasting leo   you

might grunt too


the revenant   loads of stereotypes   most glaring:

indigenous man  sticks his tongue out to catch a flake of

snow   leo apes him   tongue  out  then in  then out again

big smile  though his body  a festering bear-inflicted sore


do some of us think that depictions of  primitive man  in

all of his childlike glory  are verboten?   maybe we are just

jaded  un-revenantable  savages   + maybe not    maybe the

starving  +genocided do not crave snowflakes    just justice

for residential school survivors + missing indigenous women


one chief’s daughter cuts the balls off of  a slave owning soldier

as he savagely rapes her   the depiction is oblique  who you calling

a savage Alejandro?



the horseman’s faces gaudy +grotesque  stripping the clothes from the dead

ripping off limbs  +heads  gutting the strange white torsos   some fell upon the

dying  +sodomized them   as the horses lay screaming  

(Cormac McCarthy   A Comanche Attack – Blood Meridian  1985)


one of the men emerged from the smoke with a naked infant dangling in each

hand  swung them by the heels in turn  bashed their heads against the stones

so that the brains burst forth   a hundred tethered dogs were howling

(Cormac McCarthy   Attack by Federales – Blood Meridian  1985)



Almost Spring  2016


leo inside pony

Leo Dicaprio inside the gut of a pony  The Revenant



falling spotted pony   a splayed+blood-soaked chiaroscuro

enters my bedroom at 2:30 a.m.   blood seeping into white  entry-level-

mercedez  carpet   entrails a steaming heap next to the cherry armoire

(a woman must have cherry said Moe  furniture salesman extraordinaire)

i rise from the curly-maple bed  (our bedroom an urban forest   husband

resists wife’s efforts to metro-sexualize his soul)


the spotted pony has my name written all over it   i see that i could easily

fill its womb-tomb cavity   husband says with a smile: it stinks in there city-girl 

i crawl in  with Tom Ford’s  sin-in-a-bottle  clutched firmly in hand    soon i

forget the deaths of some sweet ladies we know   i danced the tarantella with

one   a mere 2 weeks ago


inside the pony i am warm+wet+bloody   it is o so familiar    now an urban-girl

revenant?  a pony soaked Persephone whose name is Spring in 7 languages?

one might think aviva an expert on:  resurrection!   reinvention!    think again

this spotted pony   is growing on me   i may not come out until Spring    or Fall





Almost Spring 2016




Poet’s lumbersexual beau insisted on shovelling snow on the

walks adjacent to at least 3 neighbours homes   Even the one

who didn’t lift a finger last pellet-storm as poet lay forlorn and

twitching after lifting a Poinsettia


Bushwhacker’s winterzealotry  appears disloyal   but then he does

hail from 179 Royal Ave. Winnipeg MAN  where real men eat squirrels

with bare hands  if necessary


Today poetsicle dreams of Inn at rented lake  where poetry flows like

manna from Heaven  +the fine last lines you have come to demand   fall

from this pen liked greased hogs at the rodeo


However  at this hour: what is bizarre   what is oblique   the revelation   obtuse

+twisted    That which grows out of the poem  by itself  (you should live so long!)

and all littlemisscan’tbewrong poet has to do  is sit there  and catch it escaping







Almost Spring 2016



Researchers at U of Zurich have developed an  oxytocin  nasal spray

as an adjunct to couples counselling   It increases positive communication

and reduces the stress hormone  cortisol   during conflict   Happy Stepford

couples everywhere!  Couples therapy no longer anathema   It will all be so

easy   With no heavy lifting of: complexes  +projections  +affairs!  


Think Huxley’s  Soma  in a nose spray  Except that everyone in the Brave New

World was so: happy  +calm  +repressed  that the Savage   a non-Soma user

hung himself  first chance   Love is supposed to be messy  Supposed to be filled

with loss  remorse  +pain    It is the glue after all  holding this human tribe together

And on the other side of the abyss   there is dopamine induced bliss!


All of this  is about to change  First with the Love Nasal Spray  next with

A free website that helps you  through algorithmic-magic   decide among other things

if it’s time to break up  +meet a batter match  perhaps years down the road    Leave

nothing to chance    Take no risks   What do you think?   Send me your thoughts at:



Now all of this may just be propaganda in pushing the naked ape toward populating

Mars   Every time you use your oxytocin nasal spray  or contribute to the: Algorithms

Are For Dummies  pool   the human conscience dissolves  one drop at a time  Making

it possible for your off-spring to board the Mars Shuttle +jettison you  and your

greying minions    A journey from which   there is no return 


My young friend recently said:  the Mars Mission is a young man’s game   I heartily

agreed   For where I am going  assisted or not:  Mars  +colliding black holes   +

gravitational waves  are child’s play


All right then, said the savage defiantly, I’m claiming the right to be unhappy. Not to

mention, the right to grow old and ugly and impotent; the right to have syphilis and

cancer; the right to have too little to eat, the right to be lousy; the right to live in

constant apprehension of what may happen tomorrow; the right to catch typhoid; the

right to be tortured by unspeakable pains of every kind.  There was a long silence.

I claim them all, said the Savage at last.


Most men and women will grow up to love their servitude and will never dream

of revolution.

(Aldous Huxley  Brave New World  1931)





Deep Winter  2016








JEW   A bullseye on me all my life   Dark eyes  curly jew-girl hair

Tribal nose somewhat softened by pogrom-rapes  + Aryan kisses

In my fantasy I would have joined the Resistance   In my fantasy

I would have sold my soul to a stout Nazi  to protect my family


Pure jew-girl fantasy   Of the highest order


You know what they would have done to a brown-eyed girl like me

Few talk about the sex-slave brothels of the Reich   My jewess aunts

their daughters  mothers  grandmothers  skeletal-brides of Panzerman


So  did the entire world look the other way  say about 1942?   Or just

the FREE world?   But then Jews don’t love   so what’s all the fuss?

Yesterday a cocky poet-has-been  provocatively asked my young nephew

bearded + be-hatted   Are you an Orthodox Jew?!  I bitch-slapped him

+spat at his feet     I meekly mumbled   Yes.   Jew.    Take your pick judge-y

reader    +be generous


Last night the sky above Trinity Bellwoods was full of jew-babies  flung

there   Only to fall on the bayonets of poseur-poets  father’s  uncles  +

innocent Nazi youth  Some might say:  Down jew-girl!  Down!  Have

you no sense of humour?    


I say: That man’s Chalmers + Acorn   Awards  should be cancelled  and

he should be made to watch the Son of Saul depravity  with his eyes wide

open   å la  A Clockwork Orange   Then there will be a peg for his clothes  +

a warm shower  +a job waiting     Work Will Set Him Free



auschwitz 2


It is a fact that the yellow Star of David was sewn onto the chests

and backs of Juden  incase they happened upon a Nazi with their

back turned..



Deep Winter  2016





Since I no longer expect anything from mankind except

madness  meanness  and mendacity;  egoism  cowardice

+self-delusion  I have stopped being a misanthrope

(Irving Layton  poet)


Is it just me  or are we  collectively confused re: the goings on

at the Gomeshi circus down the road?  Certainly there seems to

be  an element of: scorned starfucker  to the 3 witnesses so far

All appear tragic  at times tragicomic  vixens   Vicious misogynistic

rhetoric?  Or just the misguided  +wounded   setting the victims

rights movement  back decades?


Doesn’t mean Gomeshi isn’t a dark+violent sexual tyrant    The

similar stories do paint a picture of an egomaniacal manboy  with

a hairpin trigger   It just calls into question the accusers motivation

The moments when: no  became  yes  became no  became   No doubt

there is a reasonable doubt  in the mind of Justice William Horkins

as there is for you + I?


Particularly in light of the fact that 2 of the accusers colluded in over

5,000 e-mails  discussing strategies  +imagining Gomeshi  fat  bald +

incontinent  awaiting trial   One alleged victim of choking  went so far

as to pen  a multi-page love-letter  ending with: i love your hands


It would seem that all 3  even perhaps Mr. Gomeshi  require compassion

+not a little therapy   Hopefully they will move forward  with some shred

of dignity   And the not so lily-white CBC  will be sued for an as yet

undisclosed amount




O, gather up the brokenness
Bring it to me now
The fragrance of those promises
You never dared to vow

The splinters that you carried
The cross you left behind
Come healing of the body
Come healing of the mind

(Leonard Cohen  poet   friend of Irving Layton)

Valentine’s Day  2016




Last night I watched Beyoncé closely   shaking her booty

at Superbowl 50   I want her to have more dignity     In

Storyville  circa 1860  the price of a teenaged virgin was

$800     A murky trajectory?     Now her little daughter

dances in a brothel reverie   *see Formation video

just released


My mind wandered to Obama   You just know the King of

Cool American Presidents was getting excited in the White

House living room   ‘Shellee shares his thing for Queen Bey

+when they move back to  not the south side of Chicago    a

menage is in the works   Big lummox-y Jay z  is decidedly

shut out     Can you blame them?


As last night’s Superbowl unfolded  I couldn’t help but feel for

Cam Newton   While he threw some deadly pigskin   mostly he

threw to no one    Then he pouted with lush caramel lips  until

the 2 minute warning


Worlds away yesterday  while America watched burly men dabbin

in a crazed football-bachanalia   the Roundboy  in Pyongyang launched

a satellite into Space   Extending North Korea’s potential nuclear reach

10 fold with the Unha-3  a slimjim erectile-projectile


This pointing rather convincingly to Kim Jong Un’s bad case of penis envy

It is also no accident that Dennis Rodman   clown-bacchus prince  worshipped

for his tatts + golden showers  is the new best friend of the baby-tyrant   who

just inched us that much closer to apocalypse  What would Peyton Manning say?



beyonce formation

Beyoncé knows not what she does.. Formation

video beautifies Storyville & Katrina

beyonce daughter centre

Bey’s daughter dancing (centre) in Storyville



Deep Winter 2016





Today I saw Clarence on the 501   his skin ebony-blue   white

white teeth  & thick gold hoops gleaming     That’s Clemens

Clarence Clemens to you   Picture of him on my mother’s fridge

same inky-blue giant  embracing her   They dated briefly  met

down in Miami  and drifted apart in the 90’s   Now she’s 92  +

Clarence is pushing up daisies in Jersey


Last night the East Street band was in town   Bruce brought us to

our knees   +we begged him to go back to his hotel  get some sleep!

It was the River Anniversary Tour  1st time around 35 yrs. ago  I was

there with my fresh faced friend  both 23   She died at about 40   self-

inflicted    And I went on to save the world  one darkling at a time


These days on an egomaniacal Re-Invention Tour   makes it hard not

to chatter ceaselessly about projects  Cue eyes rolling back into heads

Just after the 1st River tour I met a psychiatrist from Winnipeg   He

couldn’t get his head around  Nebraska   so he gave his copy to me  +

after a not bad kiss  he hoarsely confessed: I’m the man for you!

I never saw him again   but married another guy with the same name

7 yrs. later


These Clarence visitations are growing more frequent with the years

The Big Man was a mystic who held court backstage wielding Tarot +

Peyote    What is he trying to tell me?   1) Re-Inventions are for poseurs?

2) You can’t Re-Invent something that hasn’t been born yet?   3)  Twenty-

three year olds  are false prophets



Winter 2016



Iran is a demographic dream  with a youthful 

population of nearly 80 million  It is also true

that each year there is a  Holocaust Cartoon Contest

The winner receives $50,000    Iranian youth are

reportedly well versed in Western culture  & history


Except for the Holocaust   which is vehemently denied

Certain U.S. sanctions remain in place related to human

rights issues  +support for terrorism    This week Canada

re-opened its embassy   Welcome to: SunnyWays  diplomacy!


In Rome today it is a balmy 16 degrees  and the Pontiff is shown

with a distinguished foreign leader?  Or a repressive tyrant?

Iranian president Hassan Rouhani   In addition to which  unclad

Venus’ have been boxed   All bare breasts  vaginas  +penises  are

verboten to this visitor of the cloth     Another Fortunate Fall?


Lest we forget that humans once worshipped the body  in all of its

glory  +created the Gods in our own image  so that we could rise to

the occasion   We could be heroes   +fight the pull to internecine

warfare embedded in our DNA   maybe even fight the urge to blow

our antiquities to smithereens


But in a decade or 4  none of this will matter   Our warring minions

will be eclipsed by the: Artificial Intelligence Gods  hiding in plain

sight among us   Yoshua Bengio  Professor of Machine Learning at

U fo Montreal  marvelled at the recent computer win over a human

at the fiendishly subtle game of  GO


So  what concessions will an android Pontiff make  to a peevish

tyrant  when all of the worlds Venus’ are in shards?





February 2  2016   Day of the G.Hog



On Wednesday at 3  a sledgehammer hit me  after

lifting the dried-out remnants of a fucking Poinsettia

In stunned spasmagoria I lurched to a drugstore  down on

King West   It was there that I found a blue+black truss  with

a velcro ice pocket for 17bucks


One brother called me Trussy  while another reminded me

about his favourite doll:  Tressy   circa 1963    She with a spool of

golden tresses  un-coiling from her fontanel    He took up serpents

+headed for Nashville   where he’s considered to be quite a catch


Most of his metaphysical secrets  bestowed by an uncle  of regal

demeanour   who prowled our suburban street wielding a golf club

In flannel pajamas  most days


Now in my lair at U of  T  somewhat recovered from Poinsettia purgatory

a guy with a Stussy hoodie+bedroom eyes  approaches me   As I stifle a spasm

my deep-purple lips emit a loud HISS    +Stussyboy swoons like a slender reed

along the shore   causing small excitements up+down my scoliotic spine   Sordid

+supine      I cry:   more  more     MORE!





February 2016




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