"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



hoarfrost on dirty flowers  splattered mud   sinkfoot

not stinkfoot of zappa   no   torrential waters break

on newly sealed roof+citystreets   roofers not un-

handsome  come   +gone


younger brother turns 60  still looks 48.5   your own

sprackled hands give u away   as your grail grows weary

yesterday evaded girlhood interloper  from camp  night-

marish place of frenetic activity  for those being taught to

NEVER  spend a moment alone


u ringleader  c-teaser  line the campers up on beds   as

garbagemen pass: ok  shirts over heads!   tween breasts

now free+easy   randi  of playboybunny d’s  pert in morning

breeze   garbagemen sneak into cabin  +keep jewish virgins

warm at night



*randi became a firstwave feminist multiorgasmic with

cityworkers+high heeled boys 


**I want pancakes  boobies!   

lament of homer simpson






Fall 2018  ..happybirthdayharmski..



2 superplump squirrels stalk   Now sequestered with brown

spiders at edge of park   Bitchy boy  snarlmouth  kicks soccer

ball at tiny sister with dots   If that ball comes 1 inch closer to me

I will toss squirrel carcass at mother un-supervising you   She of

snarlmouth too


Freddie Oversteegen  petite girl assassin  +saboteur   Fought Nazis

from her bicycle  said: I’ve shot them +seen them fall   And what’s

inside such a moment?  You want to help them get up    She perhaps

singular in this love for humanity  Not a sentiment one sees shared widely


Today much hatred afoot  Powerful men with tiny puckered mouths   One

a judge  one the Prez   And a base of deplorables who mock rape victims

teeth gnashing  Tear a jewgirl from limb to limb   With clockwork orange eyes

plied wide open  we watch Donald despot +his mail order bride  eat democracy

for breakfast   While the last of the civilized wonder who will make animal sounds

when democracy dies?



..Across the sea fat kings watched and were gleeful, that something

begun so well had now gone off the rails. The rabble cannot manage itself..

(Lincoln In The Bardo  George Saunders  2017)





Fall  2018





I heard the loon call  at 3 a.m.  the laughing one

Bedlam  Bellevue  Witchcackle   So much better

than gruntsqueals from next cabin


Shoveling drive  1965   Giant flakes  blacksky

Snowsmell  coldsmell   Leaning on shovel  Silencio

The bigalone    Fearless   at 5


Father on a bed of ice  swollenface  tubestoo   Fear

creepsin throughveins   He is stitched from ankle to

solarplexis     Will he make it?



Twins  boy+girl   blondecurls   Cannot place this memory


The last time father visited from the grave  at Beth Tzedec

Gardens  I called the fire department   Later I read that the

dead often announce themselves with the smell of burning



Too late  for my date  with Daddy   He who loved birds of all kinds

When I told him that I had seen a colourful bird on the driveway

yellow  turquoise  +red   he threw back his head    If you knew him

you’d know the laugh   He said: That was a budgie  The one who got

away    Remember  there’s always free food in a cage    





Fall 2018  .. still waiting on the smell of burnt toast..




Bubba the bugged eyed christ child hands me shells

of turtle eggs +dead flowers  Also wafers  Tiny turtles

return to a place where the survival instinct of all living

creatures is born   Oceanic soup of pre-verbal knowing

I am alive  therefore I am   A tentacle  gilamonster +slick

curls around Bubba’s leg   We are at the ocean’s edge  deep

into Margheritas


You cannot tell people that every tool they need to survive

is buried deep inside  or they won’t pay doctors trillions of bucks

for the next cure   Listen up   It’s okay to die   It is a concept older

than we are  Stars die every millisecond   When did we become so



When did we need snake oil  + opiates of masses to anesthetize

When did we forget that beyond that mountain pass are azure skies

Where the dead lead peaceful lives  playing Canasta  and shaking their

heads    Life will kill you  then you’re dead







Fall 2018




A Tibetan monk in saffron robes cruising me  Eyes

on mine so hungrily as he glides by   His shoes ill

fitting boats  yet I smile sweetly  ’cause maybe he

will whisk me away across lake Ontario to Mexico

Where the Monarchs go for resurrection  +my 72

yr. old bro has found a home


Dirt roads +donkeys  outside his window   And his

resurrection imminent   Some say old age is a massacre

Don’t believe them grasshopper   It is amazing grace

Enlightenment at gunpoint    Mellow yellow


Tomorrow my 94 yr. old mum + I will protest Orange Hitler

+ his henchmen  in Washington   Her sign is being prepped+

primed:  The supreme court is no place for pussies Brett!  

And neither are one’s 90’s



..We exist like unprovable ideas

until a man in a pith helmet

steps on you and yells Eureka or something ..

(Al Purdy + AAC)






Fall  2018



if you know the difference between:


self-imposed exile





the young keep elders around for their wisdom:

silence speaks volumes

silence is golden


+freedom is likely overrated



a rabbi once said: a man who has a thousand problems

is a lucky man  because he is alive






Fall 2018  ..this train takes whores  gamblers  +survivors..






Her face:

sneering  hate-etched into lush slashofmouth

eyes sodead  zombifiedtween  bruisedbeauty

queen   13


Her mother:

wan  29  prostitute  crackhouse denizen since

forever  walkingthewalk  toddler girl on a leash

cut by authorities  scooped her at  3


Her 1st+only session:

therapist u fool  why would i trust u  your hippietalk

makes me want to puke  +pull your coiffed curls until

they come out of your toosmartforwords head


low snarl emit  topples shelf with hundreds of glass minis

(look  you can make a story from your life!)   slamsdoorshut

on the run to bigcity   leash dangling   mummy i will find u

mummy  who crushed hamsters underfoot when she was  2     

(tell me your first memory!)







Fall 2018  ..going home..





Is waiting for free Chuck Taylors at the bus stop

where a guy hangs them every 2 hrs. like fishing with

radar?   Hunting with fast jeeps+assault rifles?  You know

the answer  because yesterday as you skulked around the

bus stop  there he was


He placed a brandnew pair on a hook  You looked fairly deeply

into each other’s eyes   His smirked  youwellheeledbitch  as you

crept nearer to the free Chucks  +read the card affixed: If you’re 

brave enough to take ’em  they’re yours   A girl with purple hair

cruised close  You taking those?  Incisors spoke volumes as envy

ricocheted past left ear


You looked for the  Candid Camera  crew  and felt for a moment the kind

of elation that came in the days when you weren’t so high maintenance

+men in BMW’s swarmed   Blowing kisses  +throwing money   But these

days you love nothing better than a hard  truth   A dream wet with sailors

+a free pair of shoes




coveter of free Chucks

not done with fabulous  or sailors    quite yet


Faustian pact of fashionista bitches everywhere





September 2018   RIP  Summer of The Gun  The Orange Prez Pig (going down soon!) Free shoes  John McCain


..nothing came between Bob+his Chucks..



Fonteini Agrafioti  head of Borealis AI  received 80 million

from the Quebec government for research into artificial

intelligence  While the health care system is so abysmal

that numberless cancer patients have received only partial

doses of chemotherapy


Ontario has plans too  for robots to assist the aged  due to

a shortage of funding for nurses +nurses aids   Research has

shown that if robots have skin  it is off putting for human interaction

While in Borneo humans set baby orang-utans free after periods

of re-training in captivity (mothers having been hacked into pieces

for their organs)


Humans on the other hand resist freedom after millennia of

servitude to  kings  despots  religion  of being herded into

submission by the nuclear family  And for anyone who thought

self awareness  +consciousness  even zenmind appealing  just

the right amount of suffering will turn off such desires permanently


Unlike baby apes  who yearn to be free  +will refuse food from

a robotic hand   humans will take sustenance from any tom  dick or

hairy  And soon  in our secular age  be opiated in droves by mary jane

So which would you rather be?  And hands up  those who are looking

forward to being bathed by skinless robots when wizened +sage?



*the biological imperative for keeping older adults around is for their

wisdom  regardless of who is bathing them  (Globe+Mail  August 2018)


..the Kardashian bot..



End of Summer  2018


freedom’s just

freedom is an exotic idea and perhaps more fearsome

than devils known  she said   freedom’s just another word

for nothing left to lose  he drawled   And freedom tastes like

reality  who said this?   Who?


freedom tastes like reality  bittersweet  acrid   drenched in

opposites   fantasyland for old exiles  +whores   was freedom

ever freedom?  truth ever truth?  crime crime?  probably  when

pigs could fly    it’s only freedom if u don’t get caught


final third spurs thoughts of gnawing off the foot caught in bear

trap   even a dog can walk on 3 legs  but can he walk on 2?




Summer of the Pig  2018

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