"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

the men of the covidsnitch line

the 1st person told me to call the 2nd

who suggested the 3rd  who said call

numero 4  who suggested 5+6   6 said 7

7 said 8   +8 said call #1  !!


existentialmasturbation  looking for mr. kafkabar


i hung up +vowed not to call 1  even if the

last man standing   mind u he was interested

in what kind of scotch i drink   and so begins

my covidtrajectory  into the vaunted halls of  service ontario


he sent me a selfie too  of his privates  which

look a lot like tom berenger’s   now covidderanged   i wait





Summer 2020  ☠️🦇☀️



them doggone days


my father was gorgeous  no  he really was

all girls think this  electra obviously did  +lisa too

lisa who?




ok  u name a few


lee had me on a horse at 3  way before a bike  +he

trained me to deliver 26 puppies on a freezing

balcony  in we the north   in case he wasn’t home

and he wasn’t    home


put your fingers down their throats+pull the mucous sac out


that’s disgusting!  no way

do it   or they die



now wet+frozen  i the chosen  one  hear them drop  from dilly

with a thwaak  onto icy planks  of the balcony  a rotting/swaying

harbinger  of family decay     west facing


go west!  young poodlecatcher  be fearless!  midwife your escape  *(still in progress)

greatest little filly of them all   he wrote   in grade 6  autograph book

aug 16  1968     and lee died  21 years to the day


so where was mother while 2 dozen puppies were writhing?

cleaning afterbirth  where else?   bloodmottled blue carpet   smiling

watching me  on the balcony   whispering


i wanna be u

i wanna be u


i wanna be  somebody





Summer 2020 🦇🦇☀️☀️


american dirty

apparently when angels walk among us they

have difficulty deciphering  if we are dead or

alive  that is likely because we do too


which other species has produced serial killers?   hands up

did u know that early americans kept slaves in

cages  in the woods  +raped them until dead

this is true


so the stain on america is:  uncle sam wants

your women  +children   he is a sadist  +executioner  by tree

bring me  your huddled masses  + i’ll piss on em

(lou reed  not me)




Summer 2020  ☠️☠️

hamlet who?

soon u won’t recognize me  +that’s okay

i have always dreamed of invisibility   my

hair beet-red fuckery  134.50 every 3 wks

now covid-ombre  silver  inch by filthy inch


as 70 looms  silver season  of the witch

broomstick ready  bitch  but covid steady

decimating  texas  arizona  soon california

oh  +15,000 cases in florida   in one day


80,000  across the greatest country on earth

just yesterday   who will be left standing?  the

dishevelled bible thumper+his mail-order bride?


something is rotten  in denmark too   to be  or  

not to be  has taken on new meaning  as hamlet

lies unventilated  +shivering



Welcome to Summer 2020




power to the (gloved) people

as i grabbed her gloved hand   the guard

shouted  NO!  +administered a blow  to my neck

mother promptly kicked her where it counts   i

recount this cautionary tale as the covidoutlaw

stalks our environs🦇




enough said


my sister shouted   NO GLOVE!  NO LOVE!   as

the guard+nurse squirted epithets   +they were

not as pretty   as she is  👸




Summer of Glove  ..🖤🦇✊🏻✊🏿✊🏾✊






going to make

it   (everyone thinks they’re gonna make it)  (until  they don’t)


a bro said: he escaped living ten  fifteen yrs.  in one of those places

ya  but his checkout was graceless    or was it?   NOT


amazinggrace  fulness  danced like a butterfly  stung like a scalpel

he’d want to have long convos  about what all the oldmen in mexico

had for lunch   shrimp the size of your arm!


2 fer 1 tacos  the size of a  bladder  man   lunch was only 2 bucks  2 bucks!

no mazel   but then luck  she’s a finicky bitch      bitches



..did you ever have a sister  did you

no  but they’re all bitches..  

(William Faulkner  The Sound+The Fury  1929)



Summer ☀️ 2020 sweet the sound..






old bob meet dead walt

zimmerman found 202 words to rhyme with multitudes    (jew was not one of them)

this in his latest album  tho back in ’62 he couldn’t come

up with one for orange (!)  can u?   but hey  if yer gonna

rip off walt whitman   j’accuse!


mind u  u did give us  in the jingle jangle morning  +that is

way deep  but jesting aside  u with the profile of a russian

rabbinical scholar  +the hair of a girl jewbu


u  mystical transmutation of woody  who penned a song

about orange don’s dad  a white supremacist extraordinaire

u  of the gravel+tobacco voice


stick around song+danceman!   the multitudes can’t breathe

and the orange scourge contains the worst of yer american multitudes


has anyone supposed it lucky to be born?

i hasten to inform him or her it is just as lucky to die

i am not contained between my hat and boots  

..i contain multitudes..

(Walt Whitman  Leaves Of Grass  1855) 



Summer of the Sunking☀️☀️  ..long may u run old mr. zimmy.. (morange !!)




this poem is so un pc  that i may be pilloried

no one gave us a parade   no one gave us a

protest march   silence reigned   when jews

were   ovened    slain


homosexuals too  roma+sinti  +the mentally

challenged   silence deranged   our skin white

this hatred beyond skin deep   creeps  into souls

of  survivor’s children


so much for my white privilege   tho i know that

my yellow star is invisible  + i may walk the streets

with impunity  no profilers bearing down  +10,000

doors opening for me


open sesame


but down in the deeps  there lives a jew  who calls

hide  hide  hide    they’re coming for you   i creep

into the closet   into the hole behind my shoes  +wait


did u know that the bones of hidden children were

found in closets  by the looters +squatters  in jewish






*the above photo is of a statue in Hamburg, Germany

in a park  +former nazi train station   where the plaque

reads:  ..there are no reports of any protests by the

people of Hamburg..


Summer 2020




alienation   absurdism  political allegory

kafka tells stories  about for example  a

guy who turns into a bug  the play involved

an actor clutching the ceiling  upsidedown


skypilot-cockroach-everyman    clinging


who among u did not morph into kafka’s bug

on march 9th  with the doors of our cells  clanging

against the covid   mother of all batviruses🦇   more

powerful than a louisville slugger


with sports cancelled+limp  the real mass opiators

vie to re-open  but getting u back inside brady’s jock   verboten

’cause sniffing droplets can kill u  so just breathe deeply

and cling to your ceilings  🦇🦇🦇




Spring 2020 ..inspired by JMA..argonaut..footballer..leetlebrother..






who by slow decay who by barbiturate

i fell for a jew  who had a large hooknose

+like a worm on a hook  i was hooked on

leonard cohen  he wafted daily  doing battle

with weasels  who ripped a brother’s flesh


same bro who told father  when i grow up   i wanna be black


smacks ensued  but father had his hands

full   with muddy+wolf   + our mother   also

a beautiful montreal jew  not one  of leonard’s



numerous cousins on both sides  fit that bill

though their beauty cannot be verified   +

leonard died  before i could marry him


with a drink in my hand  and my legs all white from the winter



..that most ignoble form of real estate

the possessive occupation and tyranny

over two square inches of human flesh

the wife’s cunt..  (Leonard Cohen  Beautiful Losers  1966)





Spring  2020    ..oy..




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