"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

i say joe i gotta go

my attendance at 5 deathbeds  confirms

that the throes  they ebb  into a fabulist peace

a release so gentle  it makes birth  that garish

bloodbath !  an unquiet grotesque



of course

it is


not so  the birthing of death  no forceps   (just those prying sister’s fingers off of u)

here there is a low swinging  to the wailing

of those who are losing u  who do not see

that u are just over yonder    waiting


so don’t u weep

don’t u moan


DON’T  wish them back

fer chrissakes


get a life



..she could still see, feel, his mind darting, and darting..

(William Faulkner  1932)




Fall 2020  ..long may u run ..  Marty Atkins  October 21, 2018 waiting.. and darting..

don’t ask


it must be  that the twilightzone  has split open

+those GIANTS peering over the town  (did u see that episode?)

a couple in a 1950’s convertible roll into a quaint

town  it is empty  even the kitchen drawers are fake


well those giants loom overhead   as i negotiate with

bureaucrats for my old mother’s freedom   in the

nowapocalypse     LET MY MOTHER GO!    my voice

all moses +shrill   *(not the 1st time i have tried to free her)


CHOMP CHOMP   now deep inside the stinking mancavity

of a giant   it smells of moss  mingled with fecal  +oldcovid

about to be shat out?    birthed?


or  maybe i’m in Woody Allen’s sex flick  inside the spermatron

where i am about to experience conception  fer chrissakes!  it

smells like salt  + tastes like slave



..born into this..into a place where the masses elevate fools  into rich heroes..

born into this..pissed on by this.. made crazy and sick by this..

(Charles Bukowski  Dinosauria, we)   




Fall  2020  ..autopilot is your friend..

here i lie

..fell down + can’t get up..


since the first caveman  shambolic  +fetid

lay +did not get up  humans have not been

fond of death   but  who loves peace more

than death?


hands up if u think u do


when the wind brings covidlaced spittle

to the nostril’s edge   +sister morphine  +

sister death  wait in the wings  this deathbed

thing   becomes  lugubrious   repetitious


+death’s bitches  huddle  in condos+caves




Fall 2020



trump + mailorderbride took a ride to covidland

didn’t like the diversity  or rubbing shoulders with

the petit bourgeoisie


covid is not:  racist  sexist  homophobic   it is not a

hater   so they felt uberlonely   now riding in a sealed

rover   trump blows kisses to the masses  as covid

crawls up the a****   of his secretservice bitches


while back at the whitesthouse  Mel blows  hot+cold

about decorating that:  fucking x-mas tree  (as heard on tape)


oh bartleby  oh humanity




FALL 2020

charbroiled Q tips plus a side of covid

the Harry’s Charbroiled truck is GONE   replaced by a

covid testing truck  with a moose on the side  which

looks more like a beer logo  this is all too confusing for

the hipsters  who line up for cow + chips   as volunteers

make ready the longest Q tips known to mankind


these will be rammed  up the beautiful nostrils  of said hips

likely better than what they usually shove up there?


while covid tests are free  cow+chips  at the edge of our swish

park  are decidedly not   but cost less than a gram of cocaine    marginally

__ the 2nd wave of Covid 19 it is the young who are most likely

to contract the disease  and they will have longer to live with the

lifelong debilitation..but they continue to herd like the

covidcliff awaits..


(whitegrainy substance..doppelgänger for cocaine..)



Fall 2020      (..rhymes with stash..)



limpin proletariat

the Harry’s Charbroiled truck sits cowstink+fatted  at the

edge of our park  feet from the marginalized   covidrefugees

line the meanstreets  many limp


today i walk on gilded vomit  thinking about the bulls  at

maple leaf gardens  circa 63  backsides smeared  dark+fecal


why dad??!


cowboy father said  something about straps on their privates

teaching me  that a bull’s life in captivity  is always intense  +

he knew a thing or 2 about captive bulls   +who was full of shit





Fall 2020

( Arthur Rimbaud..father’s doppelgänger

+ favourite poet..after me)

prodigality blues


what kind of a man is he?

what kind of a man is M.I.A.

on the night his son is about

to break thru?


do u know where he is?

the wife winges  i reach for

the dial phone  +dial


he is not alone  not far from

home  the wife will not touch

the stinkbaby




and when he is 2  she plays too

close to the water’s edge  a game

of rolling him



..he will eat my bread and he will observe my religion, the stranger said..

why should he not bear my name?.. (William Faulkner  Light in August 1932)


Fall  2020

frank can kiss my princess


almost october  which is a bit like speaking gibberish to

covidears  time is meaningless now  and how  are u liking

forced zen?  beginner’s mind  becomes covidfog  becomes

i used to know a thing or 2  about the freaking monad  about

the portal   now i just scratch my grey head


seems while i slept  someone made off with my merlot red

and now when i march the boulevards  all slashmouth+growl

the denizens part   like the legs of the fatted cow   who i no

longer eat     just the sow


how  said my veghead bro  can u eat an animal  so smart it sheds

virus faster than u can shake your booty?  right now  in china  the

new+improved swine flu incubates  as i break the laws of kashrut

and for anybody listening  frank zappa is not a fan  of jewish women




Fall  5781     ..we have u in dreyerd frank..a.k.a. the styx delta..hotter than a hot rat..



here’s to johnny   lennon   sitting in heaven  with julia

imagine john at 80   imagine john+julia relocating  starting over

go ahead  imagine putting the bullets back into MDC’s gun

+while you’re at it put his madness under lock +key  especially

on december 8th / 80


it is not  that  we die  it is   when

for conscious animals  dying is

the BIG reveal !




life is essentially a process of  shattering+emergence

an alchemist would come in handy   so too an exorcist   a therapist?

beyond a certain age a therapist +a priest  will encourage u not to

chop off your hand  and throw it at the gates   but u must u know


who reaches the gates first

shall be king  queen👑





Fall 2020

so are u becoming or begoing?

the woman with the perfect redhair + metastatic soulhole

has left the bubble


hey people  the beauty myth is just a myth  the sidewalks

are littered with


uncovered unhinged unfucked  (yes!)   and free

and freedom

tastes like      revenge




Summer 2020  ..tommy? tommy? apesie?

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