"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

a girl can dream

i often wonder if my various mancrushes would

have liked me enough  to marry me   Al Purdy

Lebron  Steve Earle  (husband says he stinks

especially his beard)


Jack White (same husband says he’s too small

town for me!)  this husband: wildman  +lumberjack

family 1/2 Manitoba Metis  1/2 Scottish highlands



as a girl i mooned over Moondoggie + Mark the Rifleman’s

son  who my father took me to see circa 1963  father a

Paul Newman doppelgänger: wild  untameable  +jazz

who would want to tame the beast ??


well i guess a woman with 4 of his kids  who is equally

feral  (+Chanel)  i never did wonder if Zimmy would like me

he of the too rhymey poetry +the Nobel!  anyway  he looks

too much like the Rabbi of Gdansk   my anscestral town


Al Purdy on the other hand  BIG 200+lbs   prone to ecstasy

also infidelity  cheated on his wife with her bestie  married her

had a son  then returned to long-suffering wifey


Al Purdy  all cad+rugged   fuck u   Mr. Rough Hewn

__ feel this something surging inside you..this dragon..this incubus..  

(Al Purdy 1993)



Spring  2022   ..changing teams..just watch me..

Maharishi Madness

my swami is a middle-aged Jew  from the burbs

named Jeff  he is the best  bar none  no Ram Dass

no Maharishi


no  Jeff is local  homegrown+vildachya: yiddish for

a wild+crazyguy  he has many forms of mental health

issues    substance abuse too


Jeff fell from a tree at 23  broke-necked +resurrect

fastforward to a billionaire Calm-ish exec  with serious



Jeff is saving my soulhole from extinction  in these

covidtimes  soul-shred is on the rise  scurrying humans

with toiletpaper madness   make u want to puke


leaves one feeling a touch misanthrope   no?


on a micro-level  entering the final 3rd  suffering a

brother’s suffering   2yr cancer extravaganza   he

wasn’t heavy    except in the final moments


when nurse looked across the bed at me  and said: close

your eyes  just then the sheet on my side  ripped apart  in

the midst of lifting him    a deathbed meditation


now it’s time to  Rise The Fuck Up!  walk smartly into the

final 3rd  with panache  aplomb  +a well placed team of



who will have compassion for me  when i cannot



Spring 2022  ..Happy Birthday Martino!  May 19, 1946  ..76


when pigs fly

yesterday i walked in the local park  to view

the newly risen christ  cherryblossoms  in

these covidtimes the cherries have been

under police protection


not sure why? it’s our premier who looks

hungry enough to eat them  yesterday was

picture perfect  sun after 40 days of rain


it was fuckingbiblical  i tell you  BIBLICAL

a lone man sidled up (as per usual)  all

prickly-stubble  +serial killer


he said: the last time i was here i saw a man

walking a pig!  i ran  he had clearly just  slaughtered

a pig  in his basement  bunker


oh for satansakes  old+forsaken  now wandering

in a too pink  cherry purgatory  with one waxy-ear

+a bad case of doubt


does it get much better than this?


i have a neighbourwoman who lays in wait  she refers

to our local prostitute as: Miss Piggy  she who stands

daily  come sleet snow hail  fellows


i on the other hand high five Mildred  +regularly bring her

frankincense   surely i will not meet pigman  + mrs. kravitz

in heaven



Spring 2022  ..if pigs had wings.. they’d surely be delicious..

Welcome To Gilead

i saw Kate Moss  +her daughter  she of

half naked swaddle  in tulle  a babyghoul  preening

mom all fishyface  +cheekbone brutality


cheek implants require digging deep into the headcavity


more depravity at the Met Gala NYC   circa 2020’s

most of the women appeared footbound  a practice

in China where  feet of toddlergirls   bound


binding them to a life of cash+carry  like groceries  or beer


the sur real show was to leer  at cleavage so deep  no need

to peep  at giantess mammary goddesses  spilling out of

dresses  some in chainmail   Congratulations Met Gala !


just another form of binding  to the craze


for women to be sub-servants  just watch ’em topple

Roe v. Wade   Ruth BG  a cacophony  from the grave

at 98  my own mother’s beauty  unmarred by filler   or knife


abortions in alleyways  +death by hanger  in her day


(..”it will become ordinary” .. Aunt Lydia’s statement reflects the power of a totalitarian state like Gilead to transform a natural human response such as revulsion at an execution into “blankness,” to transform horror into normalcy.) 

Handmaid’s Tale  Margaret Atwood  1985 



Spring  2022   ..Happy Mother’s Day Babe! ..we’ve come a long way..

vagina monologue

vaginas are made to last til  90  then they  collapse

or some such thing  though i have a sister who has

treated hers to the finer things



met all the best people

a giant of elasticity  if i do say


i was right there beside her when her first child

popped out  everyone was so interested in him

they abandoned her


but not me  no  i valiantly helped her on with the

fishnet undies  provided by a nurse  yes fishnet!


and i must say:

her vagina

looked like

a million bucks

that day




Spring 2022 ..for Kelly..🌹

tick talk tick talk

one of these days her old ticker  will tock talk

i’m outta here




hasta la vista baby!


captain hook was followed by a gator  who

swallowed a clock  tick tock tick tock  same one

who chomped off his  handmorsel




the big clock in the sky is ticking  her name

how many more birthdays do i have?  she said

and   be strong when i’m gone


a woman on the move   soon the hawks will

return  the same ones who carried a son away

Mrs. A. we’re here!    u all packed?


u won’t need much suits  hiking boots   de rigueur

oh and a sword  to cut the chord  of this mortalcoil

the one that’s held u fast for the past century


roaring 20’s

2 world wars

women’s lib  (u missed that memo)

100 years during which

they did not find a cure

for cancer

(that memo arrived)



..long may u fly..



Spring 2022 .. gator’s got yer granny ..


happiness is a ladies gun mama

i was given a gift for my 65th  a purse

all skeletal +hidden gun compartment

a brother drove deep into Texas  to

bring it home


he stopped in Marfa  +fell in love  we

haven’t seen him in a dog’s-age   she’s

the sheriff   former stripper  loves her mama

(crazy ’bout elvis)


the purse he shipped came with a ladies

Colt 45  a dangerous gift for me  all covidragey

tensions building  daily


yesterday my too chatty coffeeshop man asked:

are u always grumpy?


i can tell by your eyes


and he’s never seen my eyes!  cloaked

+Steve McQueen   most days

KAPOW!  coffeeman

KAPOW!  singing crossing guard lady


stand too close to me   c’mon   in childhood

father called me  Annie Oakley  he too had


__ will kill ya..then yer dead..

(Warren Zevon)



Spring 2022 more sleep to CPP..


watching a play about the Russian revolution

in a 5 layer non-woven   black iron mask

hyperventilation   +saliva-death


mouth gobidesert-esq   not pretty   a woman

in the next seat  having a medical event  dinner

first     1 decrepit family     over there


looked very Russian prole   life imitates  art

that cannot match the deathknell  for oldendays



before all of the 10,000 things were lined up

in front of proteinspikes  in the billions  good-bye

old life    🔅🔅🔅


hello  pretending to enjoy all of the pleasureless

pleasures  remember when we sat so close together

b.o. might catalyze the gag reflex?




once at a Lou Reed concert  (all old jew +shuffleboard)

a man in front of us stank so bad   my nose

remains wary



Spring 2022 ..with millions of vaccines soon to expire

scale of loss is shrouded in secrecy..

(Toronto Star April 17/22)

they who taught me to wordle

Jason & Kelly  my bro and sister

are riddled


too many discos

and rub n’ tugs




no  just minding their own business

perhaps one in-door unmasked dinner

too many?


no   truth is we are all about to dance with

the coviddevil   unseemly +mucous   yes

you + me


so how do we  move forward?  masked  +spittleweary

marching to a different future  the one we  never

imagined   in wildwet dreams


hands up if u think  had u known this was coming

u would have smoked one more cig?   run off with

chauncey the gardener?


i mean would it have killed u to throw caution to

the wind?  this won’t kill u either  now that there

is more Pfizer in your veins   than life itself




Spring 2022 ..let my people go..


blacksonavitch blues


he was black

with a jew fro


he was the black dog

of jews  in the ghetto


someone told me recently

you can’t use that word   all pc  +idiocy


just watch me


a friend’s parents fought Germans at Warsaw

another’s screamed in the suburban night  nightly


and i can’t say  ghetto!


back to blacksonavitch  regal  27 inches at the withers

black eyes + pawnails   not standard issue   he was



humanpoodle  rode a toboggan   hide+seek  a fave

except we always knew where to find him  same closet

where love letters hidden  +found


blacksonavitch  why is she having an affair with our

greasy elvis doctor?  blankstare  +sphinx  tiny smile


c’mon child  you’ve seen enough for one day  lets play!


the game:  here lies blacksonovitch  covered in small bro’s

vomitous blanket   he was a fine man   the real dogfuneral

10 yrs later


the stain of his body burned into cork floor   dogtattoo

he visits still   cut to scene in heaven  blacksonovitch  (verst in yiddish)

+ father   driving around in a green impala  circa 1972




Spring 2022 the summer of 1942.. 300,000 Jews deported

from Warsaw to Treblinka.. on April 19/43  the

Ghetto uprising ended May 16/43

56,000 Jews captured

7,000 shot

remainder to death camps


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