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Fonteini Agrafioti  head of Borealis AI  received 80 million

from the Quebec government for research into artificial

intelligence  While the health care system is so abysmal

that numberless cancer patients have received only partial

doses of chemotherapy


Ontario has plans too  for robots to assist the aged  due to

a shortage of funding for nurses +nurses aids   Research has

shown that if robots have skin  it is off putting for human interaction

While in Borneo humans set baby orang-utans free after periods

of re-training in captivity (mothers having been hacked into pieces

for their organs)


Humans on the other hand resist freedom after millennia of

servitude to  kings  despots  religion  of being herded into

submission by the nuclear family  And for anyone who thought

self awareness  +consciousness  even zenmind appealing  just

the right amount of suffering will turn off such desires permanently


Unlike baby apes  who yearn to be free  +will refuse food from

a robotic hand   humans will take sustenance from any tom  dick or

hairy  And soon  in our secular age  be opiated in droves by mary jane

So which would you rather be?  And hands up  those who are looking

forward to being bathed by skinless robots when wizened +sage?



*the biological imperative for keeping older adults around is for their

wisdom  regardless of who is bathing them  (Globe+Mail  August 2018)


..the Kardashian bot..



End of Summer  2018


freedom’s just

freedom is an exotic idea and perhaps more fearsome

than devils known  she said   freedom’s just another word

for nothing left to lose  he drawled   And freedom tastes like

reality  who said this?   Who?


freedom tastes like reality  bittersweet  acrid   drenched in

opposites   fantasyland for old exiles  +whores   was freedom

ever freedom?  truth ever truth?  crime crime?  probably  when

pigs could fly    it’s only freedom if u don’t get caught


final third spurs thoughts of gnawing off the foot caught in bear

trap   even a dog can walk on 3 legs  but can he walk on 2?




Summer of the Pig  2018



Hadn’t seen each other in 44 yrs.   I remember her at 17

Sephardic  Jet black hair  Horsey voice  Married a Rockefella

I approached warmly  not sure she remembered me  even after

our 2 hr tete a tete   But how could her husband forget?  Showed

up at my office one day  Just sat there  +smiled +stared  Nostrils



I was on the phone  with her!  Get Dickie to take you for lunch

Today she is haggard  Vestigial   And what am I?  Encased behind

giant pink Mui Mui frames  even after twilight   Windows to my

soulhole shuttered   Now sotto voce  she goes into how a brother

died in May  +father-in-law 6 months prior on a Monday  Married

off her son the same Friday


Was that fear glinting  when I mentioned that the dead are just as

pre-occupied with immortality as we are?  Perhaps even more so?

She did stop taking down my contact info though  +bumped into my

old mother as she beat a hasty retreat from the party


Mother snarled  Incisors bared  Life in the bardo having changed her

From sweet+gentle  to cantankeousasfuck   94  +tired of waiting for

her close-up  Mr. DeMille



“If I can only recover, I will have her.  I will sell the shop. We will travel.

In many new cities, I will see her in dresses of many colours. Which will

drop to many floors.” 

(Hans Vollman   in heaven  still unaware he is dead  after a beam has fallen

on his head..  Lincoln in the Bardo  George Saunders  2017)






End of Summer 2018 ..



If we’d had kids one would be a Colter Wall ginger

cowboy   Come by it honestly   Grandfather Lee  6ft.

under now   but he was the realdeal   Cow dung on

cowboy boots until 50   Real job killed him   Sold his soul

real estate to feed us


Horses glue  Farm paved  to put up an industrial complex

His brother executored him with an iron fist    Lee stood by

him   +taught us that you guard brotherly love with your life

And when Lee died his bro was nowhere in sight


It was about 20 yrs later  when feeble +dementia-ed   said

brother woke with a start   He found Lee stuck in his bathroom

mirror  where he fed him tea +oranges all the way from Poland

And at night they’d ride out onto the range  where the coyotes

howled their children’s names


Some cruel night cycle 

Leaves me crying’ on a motel floor

But I don’t cry for you anymore

(Codeine Dream  Colter Wall  2017)






August 16   Lee  Elvis  Aretha  RIP




A confessive poem re: the woman who was punched

in the face at a Paris cafe just yesterday   Long hair

flowing  chic black combat boots  Courage to shout at

her aggressor: You lout  You pig  You Trump   just prior

to being attacked  All caught on camera!  A man (or mouse)

at next table  jumped out of his chair  +sat down in fear


Though we hear these bullies are cowards   Think Agent Orange

now Prez   Pussygrabber in Chief   Whose mail order bride  thought

his sexual harassment of numberless women  locker room braggadocio

Maybe that’s how he wooed her  That plus the 10 carat Trump diamond

her soul is currently chained to


Some true confessions:

In Florence at 27   Solo   In front of the Uffizi  7pm   Boys cruising me

Catcalling  Then spittle  wet on cheek  Wiped the degradation off  but

humiliation left a stain requiring Borax   Some of it remains


20 yrs. later  busy Toronto street  young man with a stroller  gaining on me

Whispers  peaches  close to ear as brushes past  I freeze  I’m not your peach

Pig   Never leaves lips   So who is the coward  him  or me?


10 years on  still prancing city streets  Kitten heels  Capri jeans   Neighbour

with clubfoot +mushroom cut walks behind me   Wet kissing-sucking sounds

I hiss silently   +never tell burly husband  who might end up on front page  for

clubbing disabled man   Ignominy every time he passes  Howdy neighbour!   at

hardware store   Violent fantasies galore   But I’m still his bitch  though he’s

moved to a fishing village out East



*A perp in Belgium verbally abused a female cop this month. He was the first

convicted under new anti-sexism laws. But it will be decidedly harder to stop

catcalls directed at women not carrying handcuffs + a badge.

Unless we all do.


**$1,130 fines on the spot in Paris now.  BalanceTonPorc. OUT YOUR PIG.


2018   Summer of The Gun   Summer of The Pig






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