"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



If we’d had kids one would be a Colter Wall ginger

cowboy   Come by it honestly   Grandfather Lee  6ft.

under now   but he was the realdeal   Cow dung on

cowboy boots until 50   Real job killed him   Sold his soul

real estate to feed us


Horses glue  Farm paved  to put up an industrial complex

His brother executored him with an iron fist    Lee stood by

him   +taught us that you guard brotherly love with your life

And when Lee died his bro was nowhere in sight


It was about 20 yrs later  when feeble +dementia-ed   said

brother woke with a start   He found Lee stuck in his bathroom

mirror  where he fed him tea +oranges all the way from Poland

And at night they’d ride out onto the range  where the coyotes

howled their children’s names


Some cruel night cycle 

Leaves me crying’ on a motel floor

But I don’t cry for you anymore

(Codeine Dream  Colter Wall  2017)






August 16   Lee  Elvis  Aretha  RIP


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