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kansas shmansas

did u know there is no bigdipper in the southern hemisphere?

the constellations are different  +brand new  much like life

after losing a final parent  + 1 brother


groundshift + weary


but HARK !  what light?  what fish?  what do u know about fish?

can an oldjew  learn new tricks?  as in  snorkel on a Curaçao reef?

REEFMADNESS  about to begin  12 degrees from the equator


your Spanish+Portuguese kin went in boatloads  1650’s  after yet

another dispersion of your peops   sadly too  slaveships brought

1,000,000 Africans   in chains


so what do u expect to find?   sunshine✅   your soulhole✅

+ the courage to return home   to finish your final 3rd  with a

little  dignity  dignitas   should that become necessary


new territory

new territory


Winter 2023    …then there were 3…


the travel agent said  all lugubrious+fearmonger:

line two gives you $50,000 should you find yourself

dead in the water  of your Caribbean distraction


distraction from:

mother’s death  +  bodybag munchkin  who you kicked

HARD  in the ass   as he tried to escape your wrath   for

attempting to lift   BIGMOTHER  nearly twice his weight


instead  you entrusted the heavylifting  to a strapping blonde

amazon  named Sue   beautiful +bosomy  +goddessy   a Venus

of Rezindorf    if there ever was one

an early Venus statue found 25,000-35,000 years ago


but i digress  maybe i am expecting to find mother  on a Curaçao

beach   sunworship+bronze  redhair-halo  bangles+cig   glamour

to spare


i don’t so much care  that they want me to pre-pay  for my own

bodybag  just incase   it’s the price that rankles   now oldish  with

meagre pension +thickening cankles  $4,000 USD  for a blacksac ! !


no way


and on another note  re: this trip  a brother sternly warned me off of

divers while there   these people are nihilists apsie!   also avoid  rock

climbers   this   though he neither  dives nor climbs


he has his finger on the pulse   as per usual


Winter 2023  ..oh the distractions..🏖





sister m

my father taught me not to let

animals suffer  i took that to






sister morphine on the job for:





befriend the one who will sit by

you for  15 hrs  administering

morphine  thru an eyedropper  (if necessary)


be careful what u say to her

and do keep your droppers   +

your veins


under lock+key


Winter 2023 ..step right up..💉

shop til we drop

i went to the bench i have sat on hundreds of times

maybe thousands   hard  damp  human stained   on

a mission   i walked through mud  +pain


pain of trying to find my old self  pre her death  maybe

even find her there  where i had sat  imagining her

w  a  i  t  i  n  g







feeling into my newly hollowed out soulhole  reno-drill

behind me  carving out  hearts?  i left abruptly  so did

she    nowhere to hide from the  BIG EMPTY


walking home the sky opened  +down she came  in her

orange shoes  secondary infection  quelled   ready to

shop !


looking at hundreds  maybe thousands of beige sweaters

ape  that’s a dead beige   she’d say  my dead babe  who

wore alive   better than most


Winter 2023 ..when the snow melts in April there she’ll be.. 99 +free..






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