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Women with SIAD (sexual interest+arousal disorder) do not   Did you know

that the G-Spot has become the centre of a multimillion dollar industry?

Producing both the Rabbit Vibrator +the G-Shot (chemical orgasms)   It was

Dr. Beverly Whipple who coined G-Spot  Named for it’s inventor Ernst Grafenberg!


Much of this early work has been de-bunked by Dr. Lori Sabia  among others

who encourage humans to look no further than the B-Spot  that largest of sex

organs: the human brain    Now cast your eye at: online pornography +ponder

Grafenberg’s redundancy   Which brings us to the imminent: singularity    The

point at which machines become human  sans a conscience


What if the singularity has already occurred?   Did not the B-Spot evolve

out of Nature?  Did not the brainy-sapien turn on its Creator   the Great Mother

Nature?  Havoc has been wreaked    This week  Pepper – The Emotional Robot

sold 1,000 units in 1 minute   for $2,000 a piece


Pepper will try to make you happy whether for domestic help or sex    Pepper

can read+respond to emotions   Ominously  she may make mistakes    And

somewhere in a cave perhaps in the badlands of Pakistan  a synth-terrorist is




The development of full Artificial Intelligence could spell

the end of the human race.  Stephen Hawking  BBC  2014


pepper sad

Pepper mourns humanity




Summer 2015



He remained innocent +teeming with desire

He later saw the captain who had given them

orders layind dead, a half-naked body with a

bare chest and dark, swollen woman’s nipples.


After WWII he vowed never to be afraid of

anything again   Bonfires of words being lit all

over America   Great man of letters died June 25

90  collapsed at his gym in elegant Sag Harbour

Born James Horowitz    Died James Salter


He was the purest form of himself   3 word sentences

Some 2   Some more  The daughter was a soft, seductive

color, six or seven years old. He was holding her by the

waist, half woman, half vase.   Like Sylvia Plath   James

believed in magic until the age of 9


Both had seen sharks wash up in their grandmother’s

gardens after hurricanes   There was a two-headed toad

in my own Bubbie’s garden   +I squashed it with wild

abandon   Sylvia a suicide +mother of a suicide   James

father of 5


There comes a time when you realize that everything is

a dream, and only those things preserved in writing have

any possibility of being real.   James Salter  2013



Summer 2015



Did you know that Einstein’s penis was 1.5 inches?

Or wait  was that Napoleon’s?  Einstein explained

relativity  which explains gravity   Yet I have not the

gravitas to explain the hipster’s penchant for my park


Today Trinity Bellwoods is filled with boy-lugs  (+the man

who photographs women’s crotches)  Les boys brought a

little bit of everything: neon frisbees  2 eagle kites  badminton

bubbles+rollerblades      O un-holiest of clichés


One guy with chains streaming from his jeans  bare-chested +

foul-mouthed  cannot fly his kite worth shit   Hands it over to

granddaddy (in chains)   now dragging eagle along the ground

Astute aboriginal man shouts: Hey that’s no eagle!    Frisbees

hitting trees  + paisley clad Poet   Albino squirrels run for cover


Cool people are to parks as parks are to dogs  as dogs are to

parks: noisy interlopers who shit where they sleep




I become very raw emotionally when I’m writing. A good steak

can bring me to tears.  (Nic Pizzolatto  True Detective  June 2015)



trinity winter

white squirrels trinity


Summer  2015










Stephen went to Vatican City recently +acted somewhat

cowardly   Even Emily Carr came up against a wall of

indifference to indigenous suffering    She became a

landlord & dog breeder for a time


She who painted trees in their wedding dresses   In deep

greens  forest majesty   careening+dancing next to totem

poles   chopped haphazardly   Hacked by haters  colonizers

Now truth+reconciliation is everywhere


With much quibbling about semantics   whose genocide was

the real-deal   cut the deepest  hole   A few floors below the Carr

show  A.G.O.   hang the Warsaw ghetto photos    There the man

who saved the Torah!   There the bloated children  laying on the



There is a certain kind of spotlight required for truth+reconciliation

from which most shy away   An x-ray of the human heart  circa 1942

showed lesions +rot so advanced that the Pope among others still can

not fathom it



at the Mohawk Residential School in Brantford Ontario: they were

confined to cells like animals for days on end   fed only slimy oatmeal

+they powdered the children’s faces too   by any other name   a genocide



Summer 2015   *& the People’s Pope did not volunteer one






Tina Fontaine found in the Red River at 15

Today they will scatter her ashes across her

father’s grassy grave   Stephen Harper in all

of his glory believes:


The large number of missing+murdered native

women is not a sociological problem. It is about

crime. It’s that simple. (and it is a crime that he

thinks it is not a sociological problem)


Tina is as abandoned as the sky   on the bleakest

day    When it’s your turn at the open mic:



Your name is the first poem +the last poem about

you   It is you against oblivion    When you forget

who you are   carry it around on a slip of paper



Giordano Bruno 16thC renegade philosopher was

burned at the stake for suggesting the universe is

infinite    Stephen Harper is still Prime Minister



August 24, 2014   RIP Tina Fontaine + Giordano Bruno





looks so happy all the time  except for when

death tugs at his pant leg  panting    Then he

looks spectral   thin   grey skin   barely hugging

his chin


I saw him last night and it looked to me that all

of the levity among the men around him   The

back-slapping-beer-drinking crew   was just a

metaphor for: not yet being a member of the old

boys club  with one leg astride a man cave*



Herr God, Herr Lucifer




Out of the ash

I rise with my red hair

And I eat men like air.



(Sylvia Plath  Lady Lazarus  October 1962)




Last Day Spring 2015 *(bat-grave-caves reserved for those with capes)





Bella has a glint in her eye  She is bigger than the other

kids   One might say  ungainly   +her choreography reeks

of  Lolita    She is a big-girl  twitching for Summer


Teacher is stocky   Eats snacks with a wild abandon   full of

dark-sarcasm   He eyes me suspiciously   Had a teacher once

young  + undone  by schoolgirl fantasies    stood way too close


Now 2 girls toss a rose-coloured ball   One shouts: MY BALL  DON’T

FUCK WITH ME   Chases the moist boys away    What is foretold?

Bella will have carnal knowledge quite early    Teacher holds her against

his snack-laden body    Seriously    Toronto park    waning Spring   2015


He may not have read the manual  with comprehension    Bella in

heart-shaped glasses  returns to her pimp in the Niagara Region as

often as possible    Young teacher the subject of  schoolgirl fantasies+

animus complexes



*In its negative aspect, the animus constellates as the inner critic, judge, 

sadist, murderer, evil magician and the proverbial cad who constantly

informs the woman 
that she’s ugly, worthless, stupid, and unlovable. 

Animus = male aspect of a woman’s psyche shaped by her earliest male

encounters.   C.G. Jung






Last days Spring 2015    for C.S. Regent Park +Niagara



He said to me    She is a shaman from Chomedey   has 4 kids  & is

Cherokee   Some say he has a 3rd eye so advanced  we might liken

it to an x-ray    He uses it for online dating  & necromancy


Yesterday  he spoke of the NAACP lady:  quite possibly black on the

inside & white on the outside   +if so why can’t they leave her alone?

Ditto for Caitlyn Jenner  a woman on the inside  + a man on the outside

Courageously  after multiple surgeries   living as what she has always been


It’s just that Humans see the world in  binary   Grey areas anathema to

biological imperatives   Everything must be defined  nailed down  especially

the cheetah in the bushes  or you become lunch    When more truthfully only

uncertainty is a certainty


Take the genetic mosaic  where individuals possess xx chromosomes in some

cells  & xy’s in others   How do you determine their gender?   Not by what the

majority of their cells are    Women with more than 90% xy’s  have given birth


We have probably outlived the biological necessity for binary  along with genocide

torture  +terrorism    Survival of the fittest may now be about compassion  kindness

+turning cheeks (yes this has been tried rather unsuccessfully)  Yet as we continue to

pursue genocide as a way of life  (*please see Yadhizis Spring 2015)   One  might say:

Embrace GREY  or perish  Upright Ape!



All music uses the same notes whether classical, religious or funk. So I decided to

take my beatings until I could find a place where people said: Oh don’t beat him;

listen!    Ornette Coleman  Jazz legend  RIP  died Thursday June 12, 2015

ornette coleman



Spring  final days  2015






next to my park there is a patio where women

in fine clothes eat macarons  +sip $8 teas from

france   it is 3:15    this tiny enclave a decidedly

non-bohemian scene


then into the park’s deeps  to contemplate

another reality   one where prada+marc jacobs

have no currency    it is dark + green   psychiatric

patients slumber   +someone’s grandfather takes

a leak by an oak tree


spring turning to summer  2015   lilacs rotting

yesterday a woman said: i am good +sick   and as

i sat by her mother-of-pearl bed   i sniffed the scent

of a reaper   


you always smell so good    what do  i smell  like?   

i have no perfume  no cream   don’t worry  you smell



perhaps her scent will waft up next spring   2016    when

in uruguay the disappeared ones   buried in mass graves

or thrown into the ocean   the ones who are not quite dead

yet   will rise up  en masse


a woman in a black leather pantsuit  studded+spangly  walks

a bicycle through the park  it is 30 celsius   +she smells like the

cure for all evils



Spring 2015






A friend who has named all of his cats Jimmy  said:

Why bleach the vagina? I can understand bleaching

the anus  but the vagina  why?   It makes one wonder

if vaginal pinkness+sexual interest are related


Flibanserin a.k.a. female Viagra  has had  very modest

results  says Dr. Julia Heiman (Kinsey Institute)  of this

latest effort to boost sexual arousal through brain chemistry

+address the sexual problems of women


Could the real problem with libido lie in the colour  PINK

for which the pornography industry has made the gold standard

of vaginal supremacy  Go Pink Or Go Home  Requests for pinkening

have increased 20 fold in the past year  +labiaplasty surgeries tripled


Are you: taut enough  smooth enough  young enough  pink enough?

Sounds like a Rolling Stone’s song   this version extolling the vaginal

beatification industry   Do-it-yourself kits   pinksturbation  by any other

name  include: Pink Privates  Pink Wink  +Pink Button


Elke Reissing  psychology professor U of Ottawa: How we groom+care

for our vulvas is another opportunity of choice   Imagine  equating pink-

ening with empowerment!  These may very well be the Dark Ages of self-

actualization   Was a time when en-soulment was the order of the day


But think of it this way  en-pinkment may lead us into yet another *garden

variety misogyny  where gloomy womb tombs +vagina dentata await men

with a penchant for   PINK      Register your disgust at #bitemegentlyplease


*(in a special episode of the Kardashians  the highfalutin mooch Scott Disick

sheared the pubic hair of his 9 months pregnant baby mama Kourtney)



Am I hard enough
Am I rough enough
Am I rich enough
I’m not too blind to see
I’ll never be your beast of burden
So let’s go home and draw the curtains

(Beast Of Burden  The Rolling Stones  Some Girls  1978)


pink feminist



Spring 2015





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