"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Tina Fontaine found in the Red River at 15

Today they will scatter her ashes across her

father’s grassy grave   Stephen Harper in all

of his glory believes:


The large number of missing+murdered native

women is not a sociological problem. It is about

crime. It’s that simple. (and it is a crime that he

thinks it is not a sociological problem)


Tina is as abandoned as the sky   on the bleakest

day    When it’s your turn at the open mic:



Your name is the first poem +the last poem about

you   It is you against oblivion    When you forget

who you are   carry it around on a slip of paper



Giordano Bruno 16thC renegade philosopher was

burned at the stake for suggesting the universe is

infinite    Stephen Harper is still Prime Minister



August 24, 2014   RIP Tina Fontaine + Giordano Bruno



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