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Pronounced spanner   Combs the human genome to

seek+sort mutations   Will soon be used to identify

traits that make people  healthier  smarter  happier

But what about  holier than thou   hipper  hotter

The mutation that is 2014’s breakout demographic:

the urban(e) hair covered hipster


Yesterday I overheard one faux bushwhacker waxing

poetic on life after 95: It’s like winter-camping   cold+

dark  +nothing else to do  so you just go to bed   he said

How’s that for plumbing the ungraspable depths of our

mortal dissipation?


In an age when anger is the most popular emotion in Canada

linked to all manner of heart related ailment  acute myocardial

infarction  arrhythmia  +stroke  and the experts say: Identify

Your Trigger Points  & Avoid Them!   Air-rage  road-rage 

sidewalk-rage    +wrap-rage: using an ice pick to open a plastic package


The gentle philosophy of the neo-hippie is a thing of beauty   If all else

fails: tune out  turn off   & calmthefuckdown   Float into oblivion  where

you won’t care that the terrorist in the cave is collecting Air Asia planes

+messing with the worldwideweb   with our heads  +has made Seth Rogen

a household name in a way that Oscar never could


Reminding us that the Great Book was not written with us in mind

So in 2015  I implore you to:  listen for the sound of one leaf falling   of

one hand clapping    +of Judas laughing




Winter 2014






The man behind me spits out words like: barbaric  apocalypse

bloodbath   Then: what ya gonna do?   Words fail   as he flails

in the morass of language   trying to analyze the day’s events in

Pakistan   In the end he fails miserably


Jittery we sit  not narcotized enough yet to the onslaught of massacre

over the past 48 hrs.  We eye one another suspiciously in this grand

hall at the University  a perfect choice for the terror machine to land

On tv yesterday handsome  ex- CIA said: Citizens must become vigilantes

Learn the correct ways to wield machetes  concealed under skirts   inside

strollers  down your pants


In Peshwar more than 145 dead  mostly children   100+ injured    Taliban

loves late  hates: wonder  miracles  education   Yesterday they stormed a

school with 1,500 students  methodically shooting schoolchildren in the

head  Setting teachers on fire   Have we witnessed such hatred since the

Nazis?  Or are such comparisons odious?   Maybe yes  +maybe no


Amir Ameen 15  recovering in hospital was taking an exam when gunmen

entered the classroom   They shot students one by one  mostly in the head

he said     They shot my teacher +her baby daughter  I am the only survivor

from my class  I played dead when they checked me




end of the world

There is no shortage of precise language to describe these last days in  the year of

our Lord   two thousand +fourteen   World War III is a war without borders   It is

also a war of technology    Just look at what they did   to Sony




Winter Solstice  2014



Western chocoholic fantasmagoria     Lindt

forever dipped  in endarkenment     Small hands

pressed against glass   The temple of chocolate violated

by self-appointed cleric   Terrorizes coffee-clatch   +the

world  in the name of his God


Must there now be security in  Starbucks  pie shops  malls

FAO Schwartz  Broadway plays  Kindergarden?   76% of U.S.

schools have armed guards at the doors   Yesterday mayhem on

the streets of Sydney  in this the Christmas of terror  The Christmas

of  I can’t breathe   Of  hands up    In this the Christmas of evil in a

chocolate shop


Terror stricken girl  eyes quite dead  holds corner of cleric’s flag

Yesterday a flower  now she cowers  as hater-cleric touches her  &

says: On your knees   Later police storm the place  bring stretchers

out onto street   How many times will this scene repeat  Christmas 2014

declared obsolete


Mr. Abbott  the Australian Prime Minister said:  There are people even

in a society such as ours, who wish to do us harm  It seems that the world

has too many windows  +not enough mirrors    When Medusa sees her

reflection  she turns to stone  We could try this with haters  but bullets will

likely suffice


Today as I sit in frigid cafe  a tall burly man approaches  He is taking off his

belt (WTF?)   I shudder  & wonder about random beheadings  on this dreary

December day   ten before the birthday of the fisherman




Winter  2014



“that pride, that furious desire to hide that abject

nakedness which we bring here with us, carry with

us into operating rooms, carry stubbornly,  furiously

with us into the earth again.”  

William Faulkner As I Lay Dying  1930


Operating room ferocity  disgruntled courage:  they’ll

cut me from stem to stern  he said   By-passed 4 arteries

Under red flowers now  except for when they made a mistake

and dug him up:  You didn’t pay for a full flowerbed  Pay up!

Or he is outta here   Careful where you bury your handful of

bones    We put a horseshoe for  GOODLUCK   on his stone


Another death-bed trajectory   Once elegant  +full of charm

dressed in Andre Correges  Now skeletal in leopard skin throw

turbaned  & weighing 59lbs   As much as a pile of rabbit bones

Is this an ending  or a beginning?  Depends on which way your

deity swings     The lowest low I will ever see?      Maybe


Some years later  82 yrs.old  +proud   with a brain tumour

Animalistic movements  Beyond speech   Beseeching light burns

in grey-green eyes  Get me out of here!   Granddaughter looks in

mirror  diminishing savoir faire     Yes    Get me out of here

Nurse gives 3 generations   a cold blank stare


And do not forget that earliest visitation   Other grandmother invites

5 yr. old onto her bed  though her mother said: Leave your lizard in the car

Photo snapped of girl  +dying woman  +green lizard with cheshire smile

According to Laurel Bundren in a new study out of LIVELAB:  Deathbed

scenes are all about the way social groups cohere, we find all kinds of

things we never dreamed of going on in these complex interactions


Father’s hand 20 minutes after death  still pliable   + then a mysterious breath!

Red headed doctor says: He’s dead   But it’s hardly his decision




Early Fall  2014








The people are panicked about the presence of

threatening  +aggressive clowns in France  their

National Police report    Whether brandishing a

rubber chicken  at a child’s birthday  or John Wayne

Gacy dressing up as Pogo  clowns entertain  +terrify

The fear of clowns is called: Coulrophobia     Such a

strange species are we


Jumping from balconies   stockpiling medications   starving

oneself to death     These are the current alternatives for

Canadians suffering unbearably   Currently assisting a suicide

is punishable by 14 yrs. in prison   Such an inhumane species

are we


In 1945 Alex Colville was a war artist & visited Bergen Belsen

He noted: You see one dead person and it is too bad, but seeing 

500 is not 500 times worse  There is a certain point at which you 

begin to feel nothing     Such an anesthetized species are we


Just recently a dinosaur was discovered in Mongolia  with a toothless

mouth  +massive tongue that functioned like a gigantic vacuum cleaner

Last night in a dream Deino- cherius lumbered along  sucking up Nazis

+serial killers with impunity  If you could have him suck away one event

from your life   what would it be?    Or similarly   have Deino undo the

trajectory of world history


Quantum physicists posit: Changing one past event would not result in

changing all past events, but in creating parallel lives for the same person

*imagine old Adolph in the bunker   *imagine fetal Adolf sucked out of his

mother’s womb  *imagine John Lennon on the ground  *imagine John Lennon

at 70     I think you can take it from here




You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will be as one

RIP John Winston Lennon





October  2014







The angry clerk 1/2 sneers 1/2 leers  as my book  7yrs.

in the making  is retrieved from the BACK of the shop

BOTTOM shelf   from BEHIND $300 jeans    Hip store

sells:   Canadiana   Fashion   Curiosities    +3 books

Madonna  Douglas Coupland    +me


So how did I become one of three?  No fame  No critical

acclaim  Chained self to chair in buyers office   works like

a charm   Then there is the so hip it hurts  little bookstore

where staff have perfected the dropdeadlittlenonamepoet

glare   Your glowy red hair makes us writhe with: KILL THE



The metallic pink brogues may have tricked the wraith-like

owner into buying your pretty tome  but you now must grovel

before  all of  US   Seems that US  have sold several of my books

+have lost the remaining copies  Poor little Song&Dancegirl

collects dust  & mouse matter  under a sink somewhere


But on the shelf where my books should rest   between Bukowski

+ e.e. cummings  I spy a few copies of a famous CanLit poet  shoved

in a corner  neglected+bent  +yellowing  Somehow this gives puny-poet

the courage to keep on going




Winter  2014



The horror is in the details   Take rectal feeding for

example    The CIA pureed food which they later

rectally infused into detainees    One prisoner was

thrown into a darkened cell  shackled to a wall  standing

& forgotten for 17 days


The CIA is under attack for acts of: mundane brutality +

day to day degradations  in a report released yesterday

One that is largely redacted    a.k.a. censored    Barak + other

American notables say CIA are patriots  though their methods

insult their country’s morality   High ground  slides to new lows

with these atrocities


When the good guys behave like depraved sociopaths  +the bad guys

are depraved psychopaths  it may in fact be time to re-evaluate the

thin veneer of civilization between humanity  & the animal kingdom

Senator John McCain  POW in Vietnam  tortured repeatedly  cannot as

a result raise his arms above waist-level  He said: Torture isn’t necessary

and it isn’t even helpful


Torture does not elicit co-operation  or produce accurate intelligence

Generally speaking the near dead tell their captors  what they want to

hear  or anything at all to  STOP THE TORTURE    The 2 psychologists

hired by the CIA to advise on + help run the torture program  billed the U.S.

government: $81 million


So  is this a tragedy  or a modern scourge?  Perhaps it reeks of cataclysm?

Surely a convulsion of depravity   Or is it simply the new-normal in our

21st Century?   Gird yourselves.


Lord Acton, expressed this opinion in a letter to Bishop Mandell Creighton in 1887:

“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are

almost always bad men.”

Winter 2014



The mean streets are buzzing today

with a breed of wasp which cannot

be shooed away (reminiscent of

almost husband #2)  And the man

who would be V.P. of the free-est

country in the world believes:


Rape survivors automatically

abort their would be progeny by

some miracle of divine intervention


If this were true   how then can you

account for  the soaring birth rate

after the rape & pillage of war ?  So I

ask you Mr. Prospective V.P.   What are

you good for ?   Absolutely nothing

Say it again




August  2012




I don’t know why I   punched

cancer girl   said my   12:45

A child so down & out that

there is some doubt   about

the presence of a conscience


I thanked her for her honesty

and encouraged her to think of

me   the next time she is angry

And like a snake charmer I gazed

into her dangerous   green eyes


I hoped that my conscience would

seep through the cracks of girlskin

Now like well worn leather from

proximity to Daddy’s sins




April  2012



Every cliché you have ever heard   is true

Grief is dulled by time   but then so are you

though you may still walk sprightly & sing

the odd tune   The searing will have come to

an end  especially from when  they wrenched

your bulldog away   You will become part of the

landscape   Your sighs quieter than the wind

Take the path you never saw before   and run




August  2013

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