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The horror is in the details   Take rectal feeding for

example    The CIA pureed food which they later

rectally infused into detainees    One prisoner was

thrown into a darkened cell  shackled to a wall  standing

& forgotten for 17 days


The CIA is under attack for acts of: mundane brutality +

day to day degradations  in a report released yesterday

One that is largely redacted    a.k.a. censored    Barak + other

American notables say CIA are patriots  though their methods

insult their country’s morality   High ground  slides to new lows

with these atrocities


When the good guys behave like depraved sociopaths  +the bad guys

are depraved psychopaths  it may in fact be time to re-evaluate the

thin veneer of civilization between humanity  & the animal kingdom

Senator John McCain  POW in Vietnam  tortured repeatedly  cannot as

a result raise his arms above waist-level  He said: Torture isn’t necessary

and it isn’t even helpful


Torture does not elicit co-operation  or produce accurate intelligence

Generally speaking the near dead tell their captors  what they want to

hear  or anything at all to  STOP THE TORTURE    The 2 psychologists

hired by the CIA to advise on + help run the torture program  billed the U.S.

government: $81 million


So  is this a tragedy  or a modern scourge?  Perhaps it reeks of cataclysm?

Surely a convulsion of depravity   Or is it simply the new-normal in our

21st Century?   Gird yourselves.


Lord Acton, expressed this opinion in a letter to Bishop Mandell Creighton in 1887:

“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are

almost always bad men.”

Winter 2014

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