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the transmutation of becky thatcher +ape

last sentence of Huck F. grabbed my attention at 15

old Langhorn knew how to haunt a freedom wannabe

so at 65 i light out for seaside territories  where angsty

city agitators   are welcomed with open    pfizerarms


where chowders are plentiful  +there are no grumpy peops

(said the long term care rep)  how about the ones getting on

the long train  to nowheresville?   how about them Irene?




ready for blastoff Houston


this at a much better rate than Bezoz will get from the muskgod

i keep threatening to hire a personal injury lawyer   as chips are

scarfed  +candy languishes  but a lawyered-up brother tells me:


the courts don’t care about 97 year olds ape

they won’t give u millions for old furniture


ok   then how about a couple hun?



Summer 2021  day 1.. of the rest of yer life..


mary poppins blues

i have taken to fake tatts  +crooked sailors  who give good

nape massages at 4 am  and wax poetic on sperm whales

is this late stage covidfugue?


i was the girl who asked  during Mary Poppins  a mother

enslaved by laundry  in a Mary Quant mauve eye  +matching

sky-high suede boots  (hot pants too)


Mum  when Mary+Dick sing  are they really singing?

what kind of question is that?  if they’re singing  then

they’re singing!


54 years later i am desperate for that fatlady  but what

will she bring?  the new roaring 20’s?  I PREFER NOT TO

as old bartleby the scribner intoned


he sounds a lot like said mother  now quite old

hello mum  beautiful day!



this as i head out  onto shitstrewn streets  vomit too

covidfuge the real societal malaise  science table  with

chairsores galore: alcoholism + languishing are the new

depression/anxiety                 (duh)


face it

the roaring 20’s

are gonna suck



SPRING 2021  lastdays   ..fuck mary poppins..



reinvention ad nauseam going on in the  zeit-o-tron

an obnoxious word for a noxious space  where an

invisible dictator of style  is strong-arming u  everyday


now algorithmically blanded  we listen to musak chosen

by HAL  (yesterday at a Mcdonald’s drive thru i said to my

bro  the chubbiest vegetarian u will ever know   hey that’s

HAL  speaking in burgerish tongues


u know  these zeit-choices  are just that   CHOICES   frivolous +prosaic

but there are   + i hate to break it to u  mostly non-choices out there

for example   when u begin to lose your teeth  yes  your TEETH


take my parents’ last dental appointments if u will   Frankensteinian

at best   neither could walk  +both carried their teeth in a  pouch

i incinerated my father’s  the day after he died   giddy with revenge


and the answer to another looming choice-point this summer?

NO  i don’t want to come to your fucking cottage  too covidshrouded

+gittered    i am no man’s fresh meat    but teeth   going fast



Spring 2021  ..Delta variant has teeth.. Globe+Mail June 4th..🔅🔅



to the skulk born


it’s a terrible thing they do to those men

which men ?  (says covid-fugued poet)

those men in prison


this convo with my 97 yr. old mum  in solitary

for 16 mts.  during this  our current apocalypse


said on one of our torturedcouch visits   where

we huddle    and pretend to be alive


you may get to choose your friends   but if you’re

foxhole lucky  u show up in a skulk  with a vixen mum

a dogfox dad   +a few playful  but mangey  brother-pups


foxes are playful

they are also solitary  (perfect for solitary confinement!)

+they are among the best animal parents on earth


i won the foxhole lottery

now let us the fuck outta solitary



Spring 2021  ..10 million dead of sunking virus.. so far..🔅🔅





Spring 2021  ..10 million dead of sunking virus.. so far..🔅🔅


he also said most people are moored in their own bullshit

October 13, 1939-May 23, 2020..  D.D. RIP is kind and is unfathomable..


my poetry professor used to say  just make shitup  for chrissakes

this when i was lashed too tightly to the literal  literally  he was not

fond of the lonnnng confessional rants that were my want  +still are


at that time my nom de plume was  Aviva Oonroth  paternal gr. mother’s

name  prior to WASP excision of the 2nd  O    that sounds like a country

singer’s name  he’d say  (a country singer from Lugev apocalypsed by Nazis)


why do i need to make shitup  when reality provides no shortage of daily

grotesqueries?    your family reads like a broadway play!    he’d say

year three of our confabs ended  with him jumping off his balcony


he survived for a year  died during the sunking virus

fucking checked out

laughing his diablo laugh


MAKE SHIT UP!       why?



Spring 2021

 ..3.9 million have died so far in this year of the pandemic..🔅🔅

but WHO says the real number is closer to 10 million..  

scores of bodies are floating in the Ganges  local official

Mangla Prasad Singh, 39, said: we don’t know where they

came from or how did they get here..(Globe+Mail, May 12,2021)




Her hand moves like a dove with strawberries in its bill

what will he hold in his hands above her head except roses,

and the invisible antlers of a stag?..








at about 60 i developed a new laugh  not a cackle exactly

though one brother anointed it  mad  as in: u sound insane  ape



now bug off


but u know   there is truth in madness  +this laugh  is  the truth

it has balls

it has legs


it is a reaction-formation against 60 fucking years of being largely

polite   caught in the craw  like cassandra unhoark   (ewww)    ok

how else to describe it?


an instinct?

a bloodluster er?

quite possibly


it once escaped as a cousin was bloviating on her dead father’s

goodness  the resulting fracas even bigger than the  original sin

for this i was called  hitler’s evil twin  even as a child !


so  should i keep the laugh  or ice it?  laugh exorcisms are costly

so too being possessed of a  madlaugh  who cackles   the truth

like shit through a goose



(No one is ever more his/herself than when they really laugh..

their defences are’s very zen-like.. George Carlin )


Spring 2021   ..unlaughed laughs cause hemorrhoids..


throw mama from the train

trixie the prostitute  (heretofore to be known as the mohandas)

born the same day as mahatma  u need to be well versed in jerry

to get this   there is a goiter joke embedded too



goiters are a constant fear   fissures too   when u

toss your dresses  +shave those tresses !    what

becomes of u?


u grow

in leaps



u become  u

but more

u become someone


who can

catch a speeding

bullet  between



something trixie could never do   the dresses were

heavy   so too the tresses  red  +dripping with a kind of



when what u really needed to be

was  u

sans the


of the




Spring 2021


frogs boils neighbours locusts

it’s about the frogs  he said  the neighbourboy  written up

in the paper on saturday  now a billionaire developer in bed

with DiNiro  an investor in Canada’s first Nobu  a grifter niece’s

favourite resto


but back to Guillermo   he was dimwitted as a boy  and i could

make him eat dog shit   i didn’t  but i could have  he later lied

on his med school personal statement   +didn’t get in


touting imaginal hardships  like the time our poodle ripped

every hair out of their maid’s head   his mother  a crass jaguar

driving bitch   once pushed me to the ground   hard   i was 5


her moustachioed daughter had followed me down a laneway

to the frog graveyard   frogs decapitated   splattered entrails

surprisingly ungreen


this family watched us eat  through our window  across from their

toilet   where we once heard the father shrieking   as his sphincter

which was quite tight   finally opened


it is doubtful DiNiro

has been apprised

of this



Spring 2021



he shot a man in reno

my child client:

would you still love me if i

murdered someone?


and i would help you

understand why

and try

to make sure it doesn’t  happen again

when you get out of prison


reflecting on the apocrypha  of a life

now lived in  facebookcrevice  where

70 something cretins  wax poetic on:  my bros life


he was the original king kondo  he started a fund for 

shot students after kent state  became the UN raconteur

on mass shootings    all the while impish grin glinting




with a side of selficide


but  the stories still trickle in

i saw him ball 5 chicks   at once  


some liars   too

all glamping in your glory


run with it bro

now sprung from

starfuck prison





Spring 2021  .. for M.A. ..75 in 3 weeks..RIP..


will u still feed me? will u still need me?

did u know there’s a run on wills?  my lawyer

broke this to me on the eve of my 64th birthday

after a harangue about his mother’s dead friends

he said:  there’s a 3 month waiting list


that is tantamount to saying:  call me if you die


and i will


from the grave



Spring 2021

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