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he shot a man in reno

my child client:

would you still love me if i

murdered someone?


and i would help you

understand why

and try

to make sure it doesn’t  happen again

when you get out of prison


reflecting on the apocrypha  of a life

now lived in  facebookcrevice  where

70 something cretins  wax poetic on:  my bros life


he was the original king kondo  he started a fund for 

shot students after kent state  became the UN raconteur

on mass shootings    all the while impish grin glinting




with a side of selficide


but  the stories still trickle in

i saw him ball 5 chicks   at once  


some liars   too

all glamping in your glory


run with it bro

now sprung from

starfuck prison





Spring 2021  .. for M.A. ..75 in 3 weeks..RIP..


will u still feed me? will u still need me?

did u know there’s a run on wills?  my lawyer

broke this to me on the eve of my 64th birthday

after a harangue about his mother’s dead friends

he said:  there’s a 3 month waiting list


that is tantamount to saying:  call me if you die


and i will


from the grave



Spring 2021

not recommended reading🚫

i have 3 times told the living  they are dying

why is there so much fear here?  contamination

by the stench?  smell that smell?  or is it   witness protection?


i mean cancer isn’t smallpox  or is it?   Tolstoy writes

of the lie  in Ivan Ilyich   no one will tell the dying man  that

he is  dying   but when u do   they let go   u know


probably u do not


but i do   and i do not consider the skill   hero   hell no

it came to me  unbidden  unloved  unkempt too   death

the primal exit of sacred substances   ain’t pretty


blood   fecal   ruach   et al.

(unless they vacuum them post-haste)


that skill just showed up  like the pox or the plague  or God

u know when God shows up  it usually spells trouble  like old

Kronos eating his kids  do mother Gods eat their kids too?


some do

some humans

do too



Cancer ridden Ivan Ilyich  to his doctor:

won’t you ever be ashamed of your lying?  but

the cheerful doctor does not wish to understand

such a question.. (The Death of Ivan Ilyich  Leo Tolstoy 1886)


Spring 2021   ..gestation your 1st tentacle.. lying doctors your last..

apeocalypse now

the apocalypse of ape  seriously

aging family of concern   aging ape    but wait!


whales are gathering at the edges now  spouting+spuming mobys

as variants rage  stress cuts holes deep into the ur-terior   and this is not good


as i plead with them  not to take my old mother  to that other gulag   on bathurst

they rub oily hands together   and stare at me  with fishyeyes   (gator’s got yer granny)


what’s the date ape?  (omg the date?!)

what’s the time ape    (this is sounding a lot like little red riding hood)


you may be entitled to 15 years post-escape   should you grow a pair    ape

otherwise they wait  in lairs decorated with  Prada+Chanel  +some sailors


the last temptations of ape   social worker named piggy   teeth aglinting

says: the better to eat u with my dear  (neardead)  little poetmorsel






Spring 2021


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