"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

apeocalypse now

the apocalypse of ape  seriously

aging family of concern   aging ape    but wait!


whales are gathering at the edges now  spouting+spuming mobys

as variants rage  stress cuts holes deep into the ur-terior   and this is not good


as i plead with them  not to take my old mother  to that other gulag   on bathurst

they rub oily hands together   and stare at me  with fishyeyes   (gator’s got yer granny)


what’s the date ape?  (omg the date?!)

what’s the time ape    (this is sounding a lot like little red riding hood)


you may be entitled to 15 years post-escape   should you grow a pair    ape

otherwise they wait  in lairs decorated with  Prada+Chanel  +some sailors


the last temptations of ape   social worker named piggy   teeth aglinting

says: the better to eat u with my dear  (neardead)  little poetmorsel






Spring 2021


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