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This is a communal space and a communal drawing!

barks the interactive artist  Sue    Feel free to get down on your

hands + knees  and draw!   Sue sounds Mao   while the Courtyard

smells Confucius   Someone has mysteriously trapped poor Karen Kain

in  Song Dong’s mausoleum   There the ghost of Andy Warhol cringes in the



Caged ballerinas  a bicycle  and a milkshake   Art as tomb for teeming Beijing

tenements  where probably  some girl babies cries were suffocated  before they

died of One Child Policy   Thousands of little girls huddled in the wardrobe mirrors

Shy  cold  +searching your face for signs of their mother’s





song dong AGO




Winter  2016




It’s 5000 times bigger than Pluto  +billions of kilometers

farther away  +quite possibly has rings+moons   It would

take 10-20,000 yrs to circle the sun    Planet 9 hasn’t been

spotted yet   It’s a prediction  about which planetary scientist

Konstantin Batygin says: I want to see it   I want to see what

it looks like   I want to penetrate its gaseous mystery


Ground control to Mr. Batygin: You appear to be lonely   hitching

your cart to a planet yet to be discovered   Why not plumb the depths

of a flesh +blood human   instead of a possibility?  Though  if you think

about it  real relationships often feel like falling through a crevasse   or

like waiting to discover for example  what the child-faces of serial killers

(Hitler is included in the list) can predict about the adult


There is a site on the Internet for this  + many of the children are wild-eyed

+chimeric   Anti-cherubic anti-christs   Yes  real relationships are hard work

said my wizened therapist late last night   Yet  John & Yoko for example  made

it look so easy?  We could use the photo of the couple where: nude John is

wrapped around clothed Yoko  as a Rorschach test of your chances at connubial



What do you see Konstantin?  What propelled you to search the cosmos for a giant

gaseous planet  instead of for love?   A man-boy so grief stricken by the loss of his 

mother  that he clings tragicomically to the woman who broke up the Beatles


john & yoko



Winter  2016



giant black dog crouches in the park   squinty old eyes show me a zazen

monk   is he defecating?  bowing?  praying?   park on brant st.  crumbling +

cramped cemetery stones huddled close   are they monks kneeling?  peeing?

or crawling toward me  winter supplicants on giardia-frozen grass   bulldog’s

vet said not to sit in city parks  so poisonous are they  smeared with purebred

fecal decay   you will need more than a shower  +said bully will vomit on the

Roche Bobois chaise  all day


beeline for colette  a little slice of  paris  but with TO attitude  greeter says: i am

so happy you are here   eyes glaze over  fill with naked boredom for everything

poet  +her fey poetry   while multitudes of gorgeous french breads rot on marble

bar   a man who smells not french  sandwiches himself between me + the french

sticks   he says: listen lady if you have ever believed a depressive wants to be

happy   think again   they just want to be empty    i bludgeon him with a long hard

bread   +turn back to the sacrament of happiness  in the absence of his ripeness


i think about 10 yr. old morgan doucet who needs $200,000 worth of vimizim in order

to survive until next winter  morgan is dying of morquio syndrome   now the monks

enter colette with a litter  upon which they place me   like rimbaud   whose leg was

festering  they carry me up yonge st. to the dense green ravine of suburban childhood

where the river of babylon flows out to sea  no more sturm und drang for me    Even

though you cannot see gravity  you know it is there  right?   have no fear city-dweller

you will be so much more fuckable   come february




Deep Winter 2016




And Timothy Leary  deary   coined his famous saying: Turn On

Tune In   Drop Out   Did you know he was a Harvard man?  Fed so

much free LSD to Kerouac’s sidekick Neal Cassady  that he  ended up

face down in a dusty Mexican town  circa 1968    could not resuscitate


Daddy considered these guys a generation of swine  +would soon come

to include Mick  among it’s minions   But then Lee was more Thelonius  +

Bird   + Reefer    You do not mess with old guard jazz cats under any

circumstances    So much cooler than anyone called a beatnik   or god forbid

a boomer!


First gen Jazzers did not have to organize Be-Ins   They just  WERE     Lived

through the Great Depression   Prohibition  +rampant racism   Through Jungle-

Music  Storyville  Big Band  +Bop    They knew that only the toughest of the tough

would make it through   On the other side of WW II  old Satch had angina   +by 67

segregation  + Vietnam fuelled sit-ins   The Summer of Love but a blip   before The

Modern Reign of Hate


Ginsberg’s KADDISH was published in 61  prescient dirge for the new millennium:

Terror that woke the neighbours  old ladies on the second floor recovering from

menopause  all those rags between thighs   sorry over lost babies   husbands ashen

at 40   varicosed  nude  fat   doomed


Today ISIS captured 400 Syrian refugees  there in the desert for the taking   While

daily  thousands make the treacherous winter crossing to Lesbos    Terror crouches

Politicians ban the term: World War III    WE’VE GOT THIS!   chortles Hilary


Walking home on freezing TO streets  it’s -17   Did you know that Pope Francis

visited the largest synagogue in Rome today?  Only the 3rd Pope to do so!  Jews

corralled for centuries into the Ghetto adjacent   There Francis gave the Holocaust

survivors present   a standing ovation








Yisgadal v’yiskadash sh’mei rabbaw (Amen)
B’allmaw dee v’raw chir’usei

v’yamlich malchusei,b’chayeichon, uv’yomeichon,
uv’chayei d’chol beis yisroel,
ba’agawlaw u’vizman kawriv, v’imru: Amen.
(Cong: Amen. Y’hei sh’mei rabbaw m’vawrach l’allam u’l’allmei allmayaw)
Y’hei sh’mei rabbaw m’vawrach l’allam u’l’allmei allmayaw.
Yis’bawrach, v’yishtabach, v’yispaw’ar, v’yisromam, v’yis’nasei,
v’yis’hadar, v’yis’aleh, v’yis’halawl sh’mei d’kudshaw b’rich hu
(Cong. b’rich hu). L’aylaw min kol birchawsaw v’shirawsaw,
tush’b’chawsaw v’nechemawsaw, da’ami’rawn b’all’maw, v’imru: Amein
Y’hei shlawmaw rabbaw min sh’mayaw,v’chayim
awleinu v’al kol yisroel, v’imru: Amein
Oseh shawlom bim’ro’mawv, hu ya’aseh shawlom,
awleinu v’al kol yisroel v’imru: Amein



 Winter 2016



In the Man Who Fell To Earth  David Bowie plays

an alien who visits our little green planet 3rd from

the sun   He ends up depressed +cripplingly addicted

to booze + tv   Clearly you don’t have to be an alien to

suffer the dead-eyed malaise of life in the new millenium


At dinner parties everywhere people hunker down +discuss

the ins+outs of Jamie Mackenzie’s rape on Outlander  where

scenes of savage sadism have you running for the booze trolley

at every opportunity


2016 Highball: 

your favourite Opoid

100% Agave Tequila or 18 yr. old Lagavulin

filtered water  + an Epi-pen


It’s time to  face the strange   Last night CNN pre-empted Downton Abbey: 

where the heiress loses her virginity to an Indian man  who proceeds to die

in flagrante delicto   Even the maids snigger as his body is hoisted out of

her bed   Make that 2 Opoids in your Highball  /shaken not stirred


Instead of the sexual exploits  of bloated aristocrats  we listened to Barack’s

State Of The Union  He assured us that: terrorists  making bombs in garages+

apartments are not a threat to the Nation itself  though certainly to civilians

We will root them out  We will get them  Think Osama Bin Laden


So we did   and then headed back to the booze trolley for more  a la Martha+George

Be Afraid    In Barack’s nation  about 20,000 strong end it with a gun  annually

David Bowie now in heaven  knew that:  isolation  abandonment   fear  +anxiety

would catch up with Major Tom  who recently traded his protein pills for Oxycontin





Martha  Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Woolf



Winter 2016  RIP David Bowie










We live in a world where teenaged Khloe Kardashian

has 18 million followers  on Twitter   +a new reality tv

show called: Kocktails with Khloe   aka:  I have the

greatest life inanity   Khloe says: Its such an organic fit

its easy for me    She  Goddess of the selfie   aims to outdo

sister’s greased backside +naked greed


In her book Bossypants  Tina Fey notices that nowadays

every girl is expected to have: a California tan   a Jamaican

dance-hall ass   hips of a 9 yr. old boy   the arms of Michelle

Obama   + doll tits


In ancient Greece there were but 4 elements: air  earth  water  

+fire   Simpler times?   Women were both slaves + courtesans

but then men  +children too  suffered enslavement    The Earth

was ruled by a pantheon of Gods  many vengeful   one cute   with

a bow+arrow in tow  On Februrary 14th chocolates+dildos will be

sold in his name


In 2015 we added 4 new elements to the Periodic Table  their names

will give your tongue a workout  pre Valentine’s Day :  ununtrium

ununpentium ununseptium ununoctium  now we have 118    But this

gorgeous complexity of matter has done nothing to stanch the tide of

our bloated mass celebration of self adoration   Minions worship Jobs+



In the USA today  two thirds of all gun deaths are suicides  and the nation

turns its lonely eyes to Sean Penn  Zelig-saviour  here there +everywhere

But is it altruism or narcissism that makes him tick?  And why are so many

Americans looking for the EXIT sign?





Winter 2016




the smallish mouth of donald

spins large-ish amounts of bullshit

while justin transmutes jeeps into

killing machines for rich saudi savages


“There’s man all over for you, blaming on his

boots the faults of his feet.”

(Beckett  Waiting for Godot)


Winter 2015




*(Margaret Wente: The Girl Who Brought Cosby Down

Globe & Mail  January 5, 2016)


It’s hard to tell these days if someone is taking your

picture   Think: crotch shot guy   Trinity Bellwoods

Park   Summer 2015    But it’s likely that the good

looking semite beside me is  unabashedly     As I sit

legs akimbo in thigh high black suede  kitten heeled



My fantasy: College boy is having a Mrs Robinson

moment  dreaming of me  as he strokes his hipster 

beard    Somewhere around the centre of the boardroom

table  at the Shulich School (poet embedded among cocksure

MBA’s)  hipster dude  +Anne Bancroft lookalike  unite


I won’t candy coat it   It is messy   Sweet potato fries fly by

as forbidden fruit is crushed underfoot   Hey Mister  there are

no right angles in nature


Ms. Wente firmly believes that Bill Cosby will be remembered as:

America’s creepy uncle  + a lot of rich   +famous  +powerful men  

will be thinking hard  before they prey on women   I want some of

what Margaret is on


Retribution Divine: Mr. Cosby is old+feeble  He is nearly blind  He will

never be remembered as America’s Dad  +his daughter will have to tell

herself a story in order to live    + btw Bill  Viagra is no panacea




Winter 2015



Sitting across from Robards Library  writing a

city poem   Ugly dinosaur looms up up  Wicked

wind tunnel below makes young you wish she

had stayed in burbs   Screw higher education


But everyday you made the trek in a Dodge Monaco

with almost no gas  Slimy little brother used it to

chase poon on freezing Manor nights


Today is a new day  +after skirting the advances of Law

School don  you cruise home to sounds of: Candy’s Room

Already tasting the baked potato your gorgeous mother

will have waiting


At night in your room  you read her a few lines from Henrik Ibsen’s

A Doll’s House  and wish that she were more Thelma & Louise than

Hedda  or Nora  But you won’t take shit from no Torvald  now will you

College girl?






Winter 2016




Emma Donohue wrote ROOM about a man

who had 7 children with his daughter  in a

bunker beneath his house   His wife lived up

stairs too   There should be more than 1 word

for love


No doubt there was an opulence+mystery to

everything seen by the survivors   Some suffered

breakdowns   Scoured souls unable to rise again

like spoiled kundalini  at the base of your spine


The tatt at the base of mine  is not  holy ironic:

damn right you will rise again   bluey-black+inky

Nor ironic  is the Vatican’s review of the new Star Wars

film   Calling it: confused+hazy   Failing spectacularly

in its representation of evil    Going even further   The Holy

Seer  calls the villain:  insipid  


Compared to what?  or whom?  I ask you    They purport

to have the inside scoop on evil  +many believe they do

One might wish apologies were more plentiful   though we

know that evil is not exonerate-able    Just ask the survivors



Today it is  -14    Winter sky umber  +blue    If you look closely

immersing yourself in tiny everyday miracles  you will see  that

those aren’t clouds   they’re stairs


On Saturday  George  garrulous goblin  owner of the Windsor Arms Hotel

thundered at my husband +me:  RENEW YOUR VOWS!   I do    and

so should you   Let us vow not to squander any escape routes proffered

twenty-four-seven   three-six-one



And when the camel knelt to let me mount it

Winged angels knelt in silhouette

(Fredrick Seidel  Ooga Booga Poems   2006)



Deep Winter  2016

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