"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



It’s 5000 times bigger than Pluto  +billions of kilometers

farther away  +quite possibly has rings+moons   It would

take 10-20,000 yrs to circle the sun    Planet 9 hasn’t been

spotted yet   It’s a prediction  about which planetary scientist

Konstantin Batygin says: I want to see it   I want to see what

it looks like   I want to penetrate its gaseous mystery


Ground control to Mr. Batygin: You appear to be lonely   hitching

your cart to a planet yet to be discovered   Why not plumb the depths

of a flesh +blood human   instead of a possibility?  Though  if you think

about it  real relationships often feel like falling through a crevasse   or

like waiting to discover for example  what the child-faces of serial killers

(Hitler is included in the list) can predict about the adult


There is a site on the Internet for this  + many of the children are wild-eyed

+chimeric   Anti-cherubic anti-christs   Yes  real relationships are hard work

said my wizened therapist late last night   Yet  John & Yoko for example  made

it look so easy?  We could use the photo of the couple where: nude John is

wrapped around clothed Yoko  as a Rorschach test of your chances at connubial



What do you see Konstantin?  What propelled you to search the cosmos for a giant

gaseous planet  instead of for love?   A man-boy so grief stricken by the loss of his 

mother  that he clings tragicomically to the woman who broke up the Beatles


john & yoko



Winter  2016

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