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Sitting across from Robards Library  writing a

city poem   Ugly dinosaur looms up up  Wicked

wind tunnel below makes young you wish she

had stayed in burbs   Screw higher education


But everyday you made the trek in a Dodge Monaco

with almost no gas  Slimy little brother used it to

chase poon on freezing Manor nights


Today is a new day  +after skirting the advances of Law

School don  you cruise home to sounds of: Candy’s Room

Already tasting the baked potato your gorgeous mother

will have waiting


At night in your room  you read her a few lines from Henrik Ibsen’s

A Doll’s House  and wish that she were more Thelma & Louise than

Hedda  or Nora  But you won’t take shit from no Torvald  now will you

College girl?






Winter 2016


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