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my final narcissist

(*be the fucking candle)


is this like the last temptation of Christ?  sort of

yes  narcissists are  so tempting  larger than life

drama kings+queens of  ME ME ME


okay  let’s both share a memory   ME FIRST !

(39 minutes later)   GOTTA GO !!


this morning i find myself dancing with one   ghostdisco heaven

we had us some fun   price too high though

as in:  no real reciprocation of martyrdom


(going to the wall  alone  gets tired)






vs. me:  my holes are empty  chomp chomp


but i loved them all  quite passionately  a larger

than life bro   hey i know what you should

write about!       ME 


(u cannot imagine the beautiful)


here i sit with my final narcissist  still

not sure  if i am recognized as  separate

so deep the   partiçipation mystique


mirror mirror on her wall  2 images!  mine wilting

 you really need to gain some weight   you’re

disappearing   (into me)    girl



Spring  2022  ..get off of my cloud..

middleclass repo


the girls of the manor  were not manorborn

but highly aspirational  homes schlocky+borcsht

minuscule chandelier hell


mothers in skintight froufrou kitten-heeled hos

serving dainties  rude gossip  but not us   NO!

we were middleclass repo


always intense  slimtrim goddessy mother  linebacker father

in cashmeretweed  corduroy fedora   but mostly

windshell  +Landry


horses football dogs bros  the fatted fillies in frills

gnarly with envy  trust me   if you’re smart  bookish

coltish  +sassy  there are many things u will never be


the main one clearly:  a next-gen borscht slinger

indentured to a rotund man who doesn’t read



Winter 2022  for L.A.  ..A MAN..

apeocalypse now??

this maskless madness  mired+stink

these apepoliticos  naked+criminal

playing with our  peace+order  badbitchgovtsrule


think fordsy justin old man biden  harmless+enfeeble

grandmaster putin knows this   (who doesn’t?)

it’s his 15 minutes on the world stage


to push the red button or not to push the red button?  is

that the question?  or is it: how many bloody revolutions will

it take  where powermongers  rape+pillage rape+pillage


landed gentry replaced with garchsters in  GIANT YACHTS

who rape+pillage+pillage  how many times can the proles

be junta-ed?


okay okay  final question !


how many despots does it take to change a lightbulb?  the

definition of insanity is: giving putin trump et al.  le grande

nuclear lightbulb   +expecting a different outcome


but wait!  who gave the order

to nuke Hiroshima?

riddle me that


“this barrenness  this fellowship of the doomed   old men

in gaitered sleeves  the reek of stale beer  stained sepia

rude imposters..  (Sutree 1979 Cormac McCarthy)



Winter 2022  .. we’ve come so far ..    !!

66,000 deaths, 69,000 injured at Hiroshima.

At Nagasaki 39,000 deaths, 25,000 injured. 


the dead would take the living with them if they could

they do  of course  for the rest of our lives up here

they walk with us  dreamed+undreamed  sometimes

in a wristwatch  in a lightflicker  a shadowman in a chair


(but didn’t i just leave you in a hospital bed??)


up here we live out our days

inglorious bastards   primed

for more   until none


but before that we go through motions  every goddamned

March  it snows again  blows  we walk quickly  windbent  bitter

we change clocks as though we own time     don’t we??


kidnap the minutes u lost  when your brother spoke   but u

couldn’t listen to another  lunch   6 dollars!  6 dollars!

he smiles   knowingly   imp+okay


we were working on the art of conversation  just before  he

went away:   ok Mart  now it’s my turn to say    now u ask a

question   pretend interest    now it’s your turn  +suchwise


6 dollars!  6 dollars!

10 tacos  beans+rice

the whole enchilada

6 dollars ape!


enough said


Winter 2022  ..spring come she will?..

nowhere to run nowhere to hide

are u old enough to remember  in hallways crouching?

sirens wailing  bombdrills circa 1965    banthebomb

they didn’t let us use our survival instincts  (duh)


hide under my desk    yes!

good girl  quick as a mouse

like the one u spied at Eaton’s

by your beautiful mother’s shoe  sniffing nibbling




are u old enough to remember children  into closets  shoved

minutes to spare   knock at the door  we’ll be back  soon 

cheese wrapped in cellophane   mousetraps bare


4 yrs later  bones  +a stench  parents detained at Auschwitz

yesterday an 11 yr old boy with a sign  on a train:  my mother

couldn’t come   please take me  


what does standing in solidarity mean?  what if everyone in the

WORLD  had donned the yellow star?  presidents  popes queens?

what if we all shout the word  GAY  (banned in Florida yesterday)

from megaphones?


if not now when?

how many bombings

of children’s cancerwards

can old joe biden take?


(are tanks not weapons of mass destruction??!)

Winter 2022  ..there is everything to fear ..even fear itself..

*today is the anniversary of LBJ’S ok to Napalm ..the horror the horror..

one of the most horrific military inventions in history ..

where’s yer moses now*

there would appear to be

a dearth of saviours


how is it that tanks are racing toward the capitol

of a European city  as 700,000 people flee  to

Poland +beyond   we don’t see  any yellow stars   yet


what we are used to seeing:

“black brown yellow orange red”

dying  +shred

bombs  landmines  lines of said refugees


but here they look like  white  us  in puffer coats from GAP

lining up  crying at railroads  take only what you can carry

in one bag


men to the left  women to the right   all Ukraine men from

18-60   must stay  +fight




more rockets on the way  another mass murderer  short+quite insane

into a bunker soon  where the ghosts of Braun +Adolph  slink   stink


racist colour blocking:

René Lesson in 1847 presented a division into six groups based on simple color adjectives: White (Caucasian), Dusky (Indian), Orange-colored (Malay), Yellow (Mongoloid), Red (Carib and American), Black (Negroid).


Winter 2022

*Dathan  Ten Commandments  Edward G. Robinson

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