"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

my final narcissist

(*be the fucking candle)


is this like the last temptation of Christ?  sort of

yes  narcissists are  so tempting  larger than life

drama kings+queens of  ME ME ME


okay  let’s both share a memory   ME FIRST !

(39 minutes later)   GOTTA GO !!


this morning i find myself dancing with one   ghostdisco heaven

we had us some fun   price too high though

as in:  no real reciprocation of martyrdom


(going to the wall  alone  gets tired)






vs. me:  my holes are empty  chomp chomp


but i loved them all  quite passionately  a larger

than life bro   hey i know what you should

write about!       ME 


(u cannot imagine the beautiful)


here i sit with my final narcissist  still

not sure  if i am recognized as  separate

so deep the   partiçipation mystique


mirror mirror on her wall  2 images!  mine wilting

 you really need to gain some weight   you’re

disappearing   (into me)    girl



Spring  2022  ..get off of my cloud..

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