"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

Age-itator? Age-itraitor?


NO  i do not have a problem with  AGING

fer chrissakes  it’s just a passage of time thing   people!

always leaning melancholic  introvert+limpid  in a

world where:  SILENCE is golden  dead


along with:


the supply chain

+parts of Ukraine


did i ask to know  that each decade’s passing  nails u

to the cross-road   time takes a cigarette   time takes

a lifetime    time the consummate taker


takes ferociously


as i ruminate  people around me say: you have a problem

with AGING !  protesting too much against my cassandramouth



professions of poignancy


TIME is grief   i am here  in this veinybody  spent  spatout

still ticking    +almost prancing  with the  dark prince 👠👠👠



u heard it here




Spring 2022  ..soon they will pay me to be alive..😱OAP+CPP KMA

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