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Even the anarchist Emma Goldman repeatedly arrested

+deported  cited the: generous heart of America   And

knew that the beacon for  the wretched refuse of the teeming

shores  of the earth   America   gave the huddled masses 

the golden door of immigration


Yesterday the  banality of evil  broke free once more  Unseen

in such healthy doses since being coined at the Eichmann trial

in 1962  Rampaging through airports across the globe  as the

hater with yellow hair  pounded his Tarzan chest  Yes  king of the

neo-jungle  where white haired grandparents give him an A+ for

his 1st week’s performance as liar in chief


Echoing the average citizens who at first simply attended to the

menial labours of the Reich   Yesterday families were torn apart

None is too many  is too many  once more   Alternative fact: this

is not a Muslim ban   Fact: Christians will be let in


Making America safe again  involves  making America hate again

+ in giving ISIS fuel for butchering  bombing  +beheading  with

impunity   Has chief devil worshipper Bannon  of the shaggy hair

+hangdog smile  never heard of homegrown terrorism?   Fact:

All Jews will wear the yellow star of David  on front+back  the better

to hit the target  coming +going


The Truth:

No person accepted into the U.S. as a refugee, Syrian or otherwise,

has been implicated in a major fatal terrorist attack in the U.S. since

the Refugee Act of 1980. Prior to this 3 Cuban refugees carried out 

attacks killing 3 people. Perpetrators of major terror attacks have been

mostly U.S.born citizens or permanent legal residents from countries

not included in the ban.



Winter 2017    …Repetition Compulsion….The Old Colossus



If you looked closely you could see the undercurrent

of despair amidst the sea of smiles  the sea of pink pussy

hats   In a parallel world they marched nude  covered in

honey+feathers  sweet+savage Joan’s of Arc  ready to be

burned at the stake for de-throning a pussy grabbing despotic

billionaire  with pouffy yellow hair  +a sucker-like mouth


Women with: Pussies that grab back  on placards around the globe

Women whose erogenous zones stretch over their entire bodies  Far

superior to their masculine counterparts   Jim Pfaus  professor at

Concordia U  has catalogued the: truly remarkable variety of

orgasmic zones among women  including the ignoble earlobe


Next thing you know the repugnant boy Prez  will be sniffing out

earlobes  (When you’re famous they let you do it  You can do anything

You can grab them by the pussy)  Women still protesting basic human

rights  Dozens carried the placard: Can’t believe we’re still protesting

this crap!   In 2016 a woman professor was kept in solitary for 3 months

in Iran until near death:  for dabbling in feminism


But while Putin may have put the Donald in  can pussypower really take him

out?   Maybe come 2020  But in the meantime on a freezing Toronto street last

night  a skeletal woman approached a male friend    She was naked from the waist

 down   I’m working   she screamed



And even you want nothing more than a plate of eggs at some sidewalk

cafe.  As he smiles like a man who knows how to crack a safe.

(Tracey K. Smith  Life On Mars   2011   Pulitzer Prize winner)


To be sane in a world of madmen is in itself a kind of madness.

(J. J. Rousseau)


42% of U.S. women voted for Trump. Among white women it was 53%.

The people we saw Saturday simply reflect the Democratic base. The lesson

of the women’s march is that women are as divided as the country. And the

secret of defeating Trump is not more identity politics, but less.

Globe & Mail   M. Wente   January 24, 2017



Winter  2017



Flaming red hair  pointy nose  skeletal around

cheekbones  Bowie won  + Neil Young stopped

high pitched droning  on+on in suburban bedroom

Home  after pot  +teasing future lawyers  Bowie blaring

made jazz-cat father shake his head


Not the ire reserved for Mick   Just freaked out in a teenage

wasteland glare when I took off with platform soul  +speed

freak’s sister   Wandered the streets at 3 am     Blind Faith

album cover  caused ego to split   Why did those little-girl

breasts  look so bruised?


Tripping out in front of synagogue  where Rabbi with carrot orange

hair presided (all 5 kids gingers too)  I knew those streets  full of

survivors  screaming at dawn   Only just making a clean break   A fresh

start    Still the same rock & roll bitch at heart




Winter  2017






One of the ugliest buildings in Toronto  surely

Robards Library  Grey hulking monolith  wicked

wind tunnel  forcing skirts  +once in 76  lifting feet

off of ground   as creepy law student don juan proposed

lunch   Later removing his shirt to reveal 3 nipples


Saw him on the evening news 40 yrs. later  on the little

sidebar beside the weather  now a creepy criminal lawyer

In a parallel world we did not have children   What is your

list of things you are  certain  will happen?


There is a smell in the air today  that only you can smell   And you

want to hold onto your old comfortable fears  If you stop worrying

about them  will the outcome change?  Hard to say what these

harbingers might mean  so I cling to mine steadfastly


The list:

  1. aliens will arrive
  2. one day I will be kidnapped to a bunker
  3. mortal illness imminent
  4. serial killer in house/short+scruffy
  5. somewhere crematoria are being built behind a scrim
  6. there is an afterlife  it is your breath  רוח Ruach (literally  wind)


I do know what my father would have said or done  in any of these

situations   Even though he isn’t here to   I think he will always have

a say    On taking up horseback riding at 30: That’s a 2000 lb. animal

if you’re afraid  it will know   On neighbour’s slight lover saying he

played college ball: He’s full of shit    On God: I doubt it


On atheists coming to believe as they get closer to death: belly laugh

A super-human faith  He never did equivocate  or take the bait   Ever

Daughter of horseback riding man catches birds with a salt shaker

He said: Just shake some on their tails


I lay in wait for hours   Learned how to be still  +small    Never caught a

bird at all   Now I wait  for words  sometimes birds   sometimes freedom

Super-human faith    Father radiates  in all kinds of places


His eyes were very blue and very beautiful half hid away

in the leathery seams of his face.

(Cormac McCarthy  The Crossing  1995)



Lee  1921-1989



Winter 2017

93 days to 60  a precious wildness simmers in the jaded botch



There’s no shortage of tormented things. Far from mirrors I feed

dreams of fame+travel, extraordinary men offering me necklaces,

words that can be eaten they’re so sweet, so warm, so corporeal.

Adelia Prado  1981



Charlie Mason is 82!  Can you imagine him

an old stooped man?  Those blazing eyes  Was

that a swastika carved inbetween?  Seems so

if memory serves  but that was a lifetime ago

Headlines gruesome   DEATH TO PIGS

scrawled on wall  in Sharon+unborn baby’s blood

Is this what warped Polanski  or is this a chicken

+egg question?


Charlie rotting in Corcoran State Prison  has been

in hospital for undisclosed treatment  Cancer?  Aids?

Was he insane  or just a mid-century hater?  Charismatic

+blood lusting  run of the mill messianic power over drifter

girls   One with my last name


I certainly fell for a sociopath or 2   one from a town in Poland

But how could Sadie be duped by Charlie  a blossoming psychopath?

Certainly my childlike naiveté paved the way for trust  later in the

trenches of humanity   30yrs. of sandbox play  Confessional of frailty

+depravity  of children’s waking dreams


She lay in the sandbox   Stained tabernacle   10yrs.old

She said: Now  you  rape me  therapist   My father had

no problems  Don’t tell me he was sick!  He knew what he

wanted    There was nothing wrong with him


Therapist’s epiphanic reflection: 

So he was selfish+cruel+didn’t care about you  

Unsought for  Undeserved

Fuck yes!  said wisechild with Tourette’s


In these first days of 2017 let us continue to speak of

madness unleashed  On Saturday at Fort York  2 beehives

sliced open  leaving bees in cold to freeze  But this poem

is not relentlessly bleak   The truth may often be where havoc

has been wreaked  In savaged girl who at her core a gentleness

was sheltered


There too  a dusty hope  for a fresh start  in small town Ontario

where mother had been transferred    This  un-poisoning the world’s

Soul   And  3 of the bees  reportedly thawed  will repopulate the hives

come Spring!


This new man will hardly know the hour of his turning nor the source

of it. Yet he will have in his possession that elusive freedom which men

seek with unending desperation. (Cormac McCarthy  The Crossing  1994)





12th Night/Epiphany  2017   BELIEVE




The video has gone viral   responses like: HERO!

Red waves   Crimson tides  abound   Some worried

that: dizzy bleeding disoriented women in pools  might

lead to infertility issues for male athletes (!)  


Some tweets lauded Jews for segregating women+men

during prayer  without understanding the underpinnings

The real reason for this separation is so that men+women

will not be distracted  thereby ignoring the Godhead  trading

the sacred  for the profane


Separations of men+women have been undertaken as well for

the purposes of gassing in WWII   Ditto the burnings at Salem

circa 1692   The young woman in question at the Rio games was

beside the pool  writhing in pain   She was from the Chinese

contingent  +rose to glory in a country with 1 child policy   Where

girl babies were known to be drowned like kittens  +left by the

roadside  in droves


Now think of the lowly worm  so advanced that it possesses both male

+female reproductive organs   A perfect duality  slithering on its belly

While the glorious biped ape continues to wreak havoc  +cannot even

decide who should use which bathroom  without an act of state


Yes I present you with the glorious worm   King of putrefaction  especially

of cheese  +bread   making no distinction between man+woman


(August 18, 2016)


One-child policy has also led to Missing Women, or the 100 million girls

missing from the populations of China (and other developing countries) as a result 

of female infanticide, abandonment, and neglect.

NUMB (first poem 2017)


Who isn’t lost  at least some of the time?

Canadians report a sense of ennui  68.2%

of the time  America disqualified  89.7% of

populace doesn’t know the meaning of: ennui

Though they will be  perma-lost  post January

twentieth twenty seventeen


Did you know that the poorest Americans will

lose medical benefits  +the right to safe abortion

when orange hitler defunds PLANNED PARENTHOOD?

And that all of the BLACKLUNG widows in Appalachia

threaten to vote Dem. in the next election?  He’s fired!


But first 4 years of undoing every civil rights gain of the

last 100 yrs. in the first 100 days  (I begged them to give

Bernie a makeover/at very least a facial)  All for naught


In 2017 I vow to find myself

To stop writing about DJT?

And to light out for territories unfound


After cancer

After 60 arrives

After impeachment

Won’t wait for River Styx to freeze over




It is weirdly comforting to discover that  

Leonard Cohen  was often just as profoundly

lost as the rest of us.  

Globe&Mail  January 6, 2017



January 2017   First Poem

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