"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Flaming red hair  pointy nose  skeletal around

cheekbones  Bowie won  + Neil Young stopped

high pitched droning  on+on in suburban bedroom

Home  after pot  +teasing future lawyers  Bowie blaring

made jazz-cat father shake his head


Not the ire reserved for Mick   Just freaked out in a teenage

wasteland glare when I took off with platform soul  +speed

freak’s sister   Wandered the streets at 3 am     Blind Faith

album cover  caused ego to split   Why did those little-girl

breasts  look so bruised?


Tripping out in front of synagogue  where Rabbi with carrot orange

hair presided (all 5 kids gingers too)  I knew those streets  full of

survivors  screaming at dawn   Only just making a clean break   A fresh

start    Still the same rock & roll bitch at heart




Winter  2017



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