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so are u becoming or begoing?

the woman with the perfect redhair + metastatic soulhole

has left the bubble


hey people  the beauty myth is just a myth  the sidewalks

are littered with


uncovered unhinged unfucked  (yes!)   and free

and freedom

tastes like      revenge




Summer 2020  ..tommy? tommy? apesie?

under a covidmoon🦇

these disturbances of time+space  are befuddling the experts

time has collapsed    face it   it was a social construct  anyway

hey  cavepeople rose with the sun  hunkered with la luna  (this is poetry

fer chrissakes!)  seriously though  say your goodbyes to the

timespace continuum


you too must be feeling the warp +woof   they’re separating  the boys

from the men  boys to the left  men to the right  good thing no Nazis in sight

while we women  with only emotion to guide us  are flotsam on the jetsam  of

covid’ssurface    like milkscum


buck up ladies!  why not watch the bucks in the bubble?  or die a slow death

at an unventilated mall?  i implore u all: jump on the bandwagon!  sports are the

only opiate we have left  since the assassination of jesus  the gentle rabbi from Galilee



I give you the mausoleum of all hope and desire. I give it to you not that you

may remember time, but that you might forget it now and then for a moment

and not spend all of your breath trying to conquer it. Because no battle is ever

won. They are not even fought.   (William Faulkner The Sound+The Fury)



Summer of the Bubble  2020


quantum soup* (circa 2012)

poet’s doppelgänger


at 60  only 4.5 yrs. away  i shall

have my husband buzz my hair    with his little black shaver

in the months following i will allow it

to turn silver  like my aloof Polish



and in the winter of 2017 i will fly

to Florida  and swim with the dolphins

i’ll try hard not to frighten them with my

bright MAC lipstick +blazing brown eyes


i will be  free   and more alive than is currently allowed   or even recommended




Summer of Silver  2020  ..silverlining of covidabyss

*2017 flew to florida to be my bros cancerwitness


August 26, 2020

did u ever have a sister?


losing a sibling versus losing a parent

we must be programmed  to lose our parents

as a biological imperative that is


think about it


we spend our entire lives trying to break away

from   our giants   as my child clients  called



it is in  those first moments  when u realize u can

control your hands  that you slap them away  or beat

them back   or hack off a hand    to be free


hey people  i can do it myself  +put a lock on the bathroom door   fer chrissakes!


but siblings  they’re an entirely different story  sewn

into the fabric of your DNA   your cellmates  (one bro

mournful+captive  peering out behind bars of his crib)

poor caged little minkey


u cannot surgically remove them  like a bladder   it’s u+them

against  the giants   sink or swim   littermates are tattooed

no matter what  they do     to u



..did you ever have a sister?  did you?

no but they’re all bitches..

(William Faulkner  The Sound+The Fury  1929)


Summer  2020


is morphine vegan?


time shreds your wildest dreams  seems it flies  too

but sartre thinks our relations with time are all messed up

mostly he is impenetrable  some pearls though  in addition

to:  hell is other people  jean paul is certain that only the past

exists   existentially speaking  that is


every second  an evisceratedfuture shredded  so cancel your

membership to the spacetime continuum  opt out  do not check

the box  people    this will all take care of itself


+they have morphine!



..this unspeakable present, leaking at every seam..these memories,

these monstrous escapes from the temporal world

only through mystic ecstasies. A mystic is always a man who wishes

to forget something..TIME MUST BE FORGOTTEN..

(Jean Paul Sartre on William Faulkner ..1955) 




Summer 2020  ..when time went missing..🦇

o those bewitching bubbles

bubbles are a concept by which we measure our pain  safety

do bubbles really mitigate COVID 19?  probably not  yesterday

our 96 yr. old mother  in seclusion as a child  when fevers raged

clothes burned  +lonedoll immolated   let out of covidprison

for the day


recoiled from our touch  a touch deprivation of 5 months  leads

to  anomie  robotism  heartfissure-itis  we tried to convince her

masked  distanced  hollowed out   with a likely delirium  around

our edges


trust us!

we’re your covidteam! 🦇


mother wary  +ninety-six wise  looked askance  using words like

mishigah   when inspecting poet’s  covidombre   but it was my

declaration of a new found vegetarianism  that pushed her over

the ledge


she of meat + potatoes   players for 30 years   exercise   meh

the last one standing in her circle   +we of the imaginary  safetybubbles

huddle   succubus+beguiled   hey kids  bubbles can kill u!  then yer dead!




Summer of Glove  Summer of CovidLove  ☀️ ☠️☀️

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