"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

is morphine vegan?


time shreds your wildest dreams  seems it flies  too

but sartre thinks our relations with time are all messed up

mostly he is impenetrable  some pearls though  in addition

to:  hell is other people  jean paul is certain that only the past

exists   existentially speaking  that is


every second  an evisceratedfuture shredded  so cancel your

membership to the spacetime continuum  opt out  do not check

the box  people    this will all take care of itself


+they have morphine!



..this unspeakable present, leaking at every seam..these memories,

these monstrous escapes from the temporal world

only through mystic ecstasies. A mystic is always a man who wishes

to forget something..TIME MUST BE FORGOTTEN..

(Jean Paul Sartre on William Faulkner ..1955) 




Summer 2020  ..when time went missing..🦇

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