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I don’t know where I am going

Don’t worry you will know when    you get there

But there is no way back  

Don’t look out the windows   save yourself from being afraid


Greet the new arrivals with gusto   as you were when you emerged

naked   from the tunnel    It seems that you should know how to do this

There is mounting evidence to suggest that you have done this  at least  once before

It is circular not linear   Doesn’t make it any easier    You get comfortable in this skin

And do not put your feet up     There is flurry of wings      Go home


Late Summer  2013



She has dead eyes and so does    her son

What is this phenomenon?   Is it a sign of

the times?     Modern citydwellers    in a

permanent  state of  OFF      Too many

bizarre crimes   terrorism   hedonism    materialism    =   death of 21C soul?


Maybe it is not so simple   At what moment

did their eyes die?   We must re-trace our steps

adjust our blankets   the  night sea journey  crouches      in nearby bushes


In China seniors wait in death houses   while in Toronto

it is dangerous for 110 lb. young men  to have their    1st psychotic episode

on a city bus   Please Exercise Caution  when you

walk out your door   our police force is      armed & dangerous



*(even if they kill you with 10 bullets   you may still be tasered     just incase)


Late Summer  2013



This isn’t really the season for that    

Spring would  be better for a biking book


I have stumbled upon  Booksellers   & wonder

if I will be discovered    like an old time movie star       at a soda-fountain

They bandy about famous author’s names  & I see

a folder poking out of a bag   with the name of my

favourite  Press (ecw)    


The woman has a pink pedi red sandals   & the guy

a Twiggy haircut  like mine in      Grade 6      Wait!  

She has just noticed my shoes  pink metallic brogues

She tells me that they  catch the light so perfectly    


My stomach does summersaults there will be instant

recognition when I arrive at her door     My book will be

ready December 1st    Patios empty & BBQ’s moaning in

the cold    But I will appear sockless in my     pink  metallic brogues



*(Lana Turner skipped a typing class and bought a Coke 

at the Top Hat Malt Shop located on the southeast corner

of Sunset Boulevard and McCadden Place   where she was discovered)



Late Summer  2013




Today a tiny dog   with

beady eyes    gave me an

uncanny stare   Stopped     dead

in it’s tracks  & for 63 seconds

positively identified me as

someone needing care?


What was that? I said to the

owner   He likes to make sure

we’re all okay   I have read that

certain dogs can smell  the onset

of seizures   same for cancer


So was this odd little   trolldog

sensing something sinister?

It seems that dogs and young

children respond to me as kindred

& it did feel as though Pip read my   Apocalyptic  mind


He  seemed to know  that ghosts &

angels have appeared with regularity

also the   dead    as doppelganger

Or was he simply sensing that my

theme song is no longer relevant?         Can I get a re-write     Justin Bieber?



Late Summer  2013



Obama called for calm after the acquittal of George Zimmerman   in the shooting

of an unarmed African American teenager   Trayvon Martin   And while I am white

there are certain parts of the U.S. & the world   where if the yellow star of David

were pinned to my chest my life might be in danger     Does the invisibility of my

minority make me safer?  I am also a woman  so there are places I should not walk

alone   at any hour   in my Canadian city     Hannah Arendt who coined the phrase

the banality of evil  said that since Jews are humans  the Holocaust should be

considered a crime against Humanity   Obama said if he had a son   he would look

like Trayvon   And if Hannah Arendt had a daughter    she would look like me

Why not all don hoodies   & wear the  yellow star    And would someone please

stand guard  as I walk through my deserted moonlit park?  How about    you?

Or are you endangered   too?



Oh, Woman is the slave to the slaves… yes she is…

If you believe me, you better scream about it.

(Woman Is The Nigger Of The World     John Lennon)

Mid-Summer 2013



It has been an inferno   with fires & floods

19 elite firemen died in Arizona   It’s   Mid-Summer

here in the North   but my eyes are already

turned toward Fall    on the lookout for new

sentences   an epiphany or 2    and a breeze


Yesterday a man at  Canadian Tire  warned of

the  Apocalypse  & said he is preparing to flee

He encouraged me   to join him   Later my    husband

wondered if it is time to start worrying    about me


The Summer asks too much of us     and in the sky there

are clouds upon clouds       upon clouds



*Humans happen to have a lot in common with many of

the species that have made it through mass extinctions    like sharks for example

Humans and sharks will eat garbage in order to survive  and humans will also eat

bugs and slimes.  


Mid-Summer  2013 



Ultra Modern    It’s going to be   Ultra Modern

This phrase pierces the doom    Clean lines &

Ghost Louis’ materialize   I’m finished with URSA

he announces    Stars fall       The appearance of

Hale-Bopp in 1997  was seen as a cue for     mass suicide

by 39 members of  Heaven’s Gate         Omens are a dime a dozen



Mid-Summer  2013



There is a patch of light between couch   and wall

that keeps catching my eye   It is a nostalgic-light    late afternoon

Conjuring up rooms I have lived in & people I have

been linked to  before my  level of trust  plummeted

600 metres (in a single day)


And when I stop     mesmerized by the glimmering      it is as though a switch

has been thrown   The one marked:   Throwing this switch can prevent darkness


This would be a good time to end the story   while we

are all still alive  &  too big for our boots     I heard

on the  News  last night that there is a   1 in 3 chance

of a meteor crashing through Earth’s   atmosphere

(trust plummeted another 200 metres)                                  THROW  THE  SWITCH



May the good Lord shine a light on you

Make every song you sing your favorite tune

May the good Lord shine a light on you

Warm like the evening sun, yeah     (The Rolling Stones)


Mid-Summer  2013





Why is it that lately    the people who sit

down beside me   fight mercilessly?

Yesterday  in the park  I carefully

spread writing tools across   picnic      table


Mother    & daughter with baby    arrive

& proceed to sit beside   procrastinating poet

Within 10 minutes they are seething

While I am seemingly   invisible    and begin to wonder      if perhaps I am


They soon scream insults  shamelessly

As baby sleeps through 2  generations

airing dirty laundry    And parkweary poet

waves earplugs    menacingly



*as I scramble back to civilization  I see   little hairless one

beating clenched fists   against seething breasts   3rd generation

indoctrination    into family pastime


Mid-Summer  2013



The work was like appearing on  Broadway

Each hour a brand new  production   No script

a stand-up act   improv   dramacomedytragedy         remedy?

Often working harder than the  audience


Lives  marriages  futures  hanging in the balance

all for 175- an hour   bloodsweattears   boatloads

of fear     But maybe I was working too hard?

Leaning in    too close  to the:   pain loss trauma neurosis suicidal psychosis


Don’t look them in the eyes   my supervisor said

some 20 yrs. ago     But  I did    I have    I do



Every shadow has a name

when I think of mine I moan  

Allen Ginsberg    1948


Mid-Summer  2013

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