"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



This isn’t really the season for that    

Spring would  be better for a biking book


I have stumbled upon  Booksellers   & wonder

if I will be discovered    like an old time movie star       at a soda-fountain

They bandy about famous author’s names  & I see

a folder poking out of a bag   with the name of my

favourite  Press (ecw)    


The woman has a pink pedi red sandals   & the guy

a Twiggy haircut  like mine in      Grade 6      Wait!  

She has just noticed my shoes  pink metallic brogues

She tells me that they  catch the light so perfectly    


My stomach does summersaults there will be instant

recognition when I arrive at her door     My book will be

ready December 1st    Patios empty & BBQ’s moaning in

the cold    But I will appear sockless in my     pink  metallic brogues



*(Lana Turner skipped a typing class and bought a Coke 

at the Top Hat Malt Shop located on the southeast corner

of Sunset Boulevard and McCadden Place   where she was discovered)



Late Summer  2013


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