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death to pigs


he lay pavement pressed into face  +stigmata   after a

short cop  with a mushroom-cut  +hitler youth swagger

bulldozed him to the ground


this in leafy downtown hipsterparadise   gentrification on

steroids  skunkpot wafting  scooters scurrying  sidewalkshit

from de rigueur purebreds   EVERYWHERE


another shortcop  this one a woman  assists in the degradation

of a clearly delusional (psychotic?) young jesus   long  jesus was

a jesus freak  hair   raising his hand à la moses  parting the red sea

(to mix abrahamic metaphors)


except he  was trying to cross the street  my now dead bubbie used

this technique  with my hand in her iron grip  when i was 3   earlier he’d

stopped a TTC trolley  +now the policemobile from hell


i thought they were given

sensitivity training

after killing Sammy Yatin

on Dundas St.  ??


now bruised+bleeding  our jesus lay  flayed +screaming  did u drug me?

did u drug me?   three of us stood  all impotent  + fashionista   police

threatening      if u don’t shut up we’ll arrest u too


18 yr old girl beside me  called one shortstubby  a bitch  while man

with fancydog  shouted  Toronto’s finest!    it all felt Nazi  + oh so



except that Canada is now a haven  for white supremacy  with one

of the fastest rising records of hate crimes  against Jewry   in the world

yet  it was when our  foaming at the mouth  Aryan cop said:


women to the right

men to the left


I knew we weren’t in Kansas


..lest we forget  Canada turned away the  MS St. Louis  filled with

hundreds of Jewish refugees, sent back to die in various ovens..



Fall 2022  ..RISE..

there’s no place like home

the sky is growing dorothy  as 2 girls with a 3 legged dog   (seriously)

cackle in the galeforce breeze  one lamenting they just raised

her dose of medication


i wonder if she is from the asylum next door  they changed

the street number from 999 to 666  years ago  to appease

our dark lord


beats the  bughouse looneybin ship of fools  from days of yore

this is not a PC poem   cackles getting louder  as girl peels off

her jeans


legs akimbo

she takes a jaded

crucifix  from her purse


u know what happens now  linda blair blares  let jesus fuck me

(hey  i didn’t write the script)


but our heroine more demur  lilts quietly  as i jig   today a woman

told me  her mother is on life support  +asked if her down’s syndrome

sister  should be taken to the bedside


horrified  i instantly regretted admitting i am a therapist  now raped

by her trauma  i bolt the door  longing for  just a smudge of sanity

ashwednesday emblazoned  on my  stress crushed physiognomy


i’d go home  if home wasn’t renovated to smithereens  by the petit

bourgeoisie   FREE   the ghosts of 52 Purdon please  chained in

servitude  to our happyshiny dreams


..the way ahead may be found in suffering. There is no cure,

for life is not a disease, nor death a punishment..

(James Hollis Jungian Analyst: The Middle Passage 1993) 



Fall 2022   ..let my people go..

the HEAVIEST BOOK in the world

delivered to me on Saturday  by my scoliotic brother

Harmski   no!  it ain’t the bible  it’s the Taschen Kahlo

tome   weighs more than me  soaking wet


yet i accepted it gracefully  a thing of great beauty

it remains on my arthritic knee  as i remain on the

couch  in it’s thrall


unable to slipslide from underneath  the great weight

of Trotsky  Rivera  +Picasso  of Frida’s smashed body

gangrenous leg  amputated at the knee  of her impaled womb   tomb


there is so much gold leaf  i may sell it on the blackmarket

raise enough pesos to escape the bonds of my servitude to  decrepitude

but Frida’s eyes implore me


bore into my soulhole   Apesie u walk on 2 legs  drink the blue agave

eat the worm  u gaze at your bloatedbeauty in a kitschy Kahlo mirror

stop being such a pussy    Rise up  +  Run for the hills !!


I would if i could

only get out



this BOOK





Fall 2022  ..*Save Apesie  Save Apesie  Save Apesie ..

aren’t we supposed to die??

u wouldn’t know it from modern medicine  a desperate

immortalitywhore   do anything to keep the patient

unalive   quality of life   fuck that!


bring on




non-weightbearing showers


all this and more  for the  Kings Of The Jungle   NOT

we are slaves  to the unpardonable sin  the pact of Faust

linger in these lush moments of  breathing eating fucking


transcending?    (not if they can keep u chained)


greedy for  MORE  MORE  MORE  and then go visit your local

Long Term Care Home  where they warehouse our wise elders

u  CAN’T handle the truth buddy


if it walks like a hospice    it is one



Fall 2022    .. Bill C-7 ..MAID for dignity..

i am not an animal.. i am old

20 days in a covid foxhole   saw the suffering and grace

of the  almost dead and free   the Queen now flying  my

mother crying


where am i ? 

who are u ?

nice silverhaired   once daughter   one more once


several tiny periwinkle butterflies  gone by 11th morn

shorn by too aggressive chauncey  gardener  splattered

over grass  bloodywinkleconfetti    i DON’T like to watch   Eve


heartseeping after learning  mother’s delirium

slow moving + carcinoma  daughter’s delirium

incurable too



FALL 2022     I am not an animal




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