"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

the HEAVIEST BOOK in the world

delivered to me on Saturday  by my scoliotic brother

Harmski   no!  it ain’t the bible  it’s the Taschen Kahlo

tome   weighs more than me  soaking wet


yet i accepted it gracefully  a thing of great beauty

it remains on my arthritic knee  as i remain on the

couch  in it’s thrall


unable to slipslide from underneath  the great weight

of Trotsky  Rivera  +Picasso  of Frida’s smashed body

gangrenous leg  amputated at the knee  of her impaled womb   tomb


there is so much gold leaf  i may sell it on the blackmarket

raise enough pesos to escape the bonds of my servitude to  decrepitude

but Frida’s eyes implore me


bore into my soulhole   Apesie u walk on 2 legs  drink the blue agave

eat the worm  u gaze at your bloatedbeauty in a kitschy Kahlo mirror

stop being such a pussy    Rise up  +  Run for the hills !!


I would if i could

only get out



this BOOK





Fall 2022  ..*Save Apesie  Save Apesie  Save Apesie ..

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