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sittin way up high

as i described her to husband #3  he gazed

longingly  +febrile   she twentysomething +moorish

skin smooth +gormless


breasts riding high  like in that song  u know the one

she has the same name as a lugubrious nephew  who

needs a girl   sans edges


because edges shred hearts  +have even been known

to penetrate soulholes  most violently  i myself lean toward

edges   #3 a reliquary of my piercings


but he loves me

like a rock

SM his proclivity


these young buddingbitches  crawling all over one another

and him   in our hood   however what i do not see  is  depth

in the eyes


more shallow pools of sweetlust  for hipster boys  with

rank beards  +a side of rona   but i love the girls of summer

like my own lost libido


squandered somewheres

on the road

to nowheresville



Summer of Lerv

back away from me slowly

when was it that i came to care about

chipped china


a shantytown

in which to die


now feral+zara  i wait for the 7th wave (?)

the pestilence hiding in plainsight  to bite

the lard asses of  the 2 Neanderthals  i

encountered yesterday


all   toxic masculine

on the outside

and rotting pussy

on the inside


their repartee: (to masked poet on the TTC)

don’t worry he won’t give u covid!

did u hear the one about the woman they tested

they found out she’s pregnant  and u know where

they had to stick it !!


enduring this after a 2hr pulmonary extravaganza

in an enclosed booth  with a millennial respirologist

who i had to drop kick in the cunt


OK  i’ve been degraded  humiliated  +isolated

i have clearance to use the C word people !



Summer 2022 go play in traffic..


a virus of wealth+fame🦇

a nola munchkin squeaked her way through a 50 minute

set  in a 4 hour show  omfg  it was interminable +cringe

around me were a few thousand  unmasked denizens


flirting with the spiked one🔅


the spiked prince  u know him?  please allow me to introduce

myself  i’m a virus of bat  +fame   i killed the tzar  lemmings

willynilly  +still hide in their beds


so after 4 hrs of non-cavorting  in a 5 layer mask  my old bro

driving like Steve McQueen +coughing like a geezer   i arrived

home   spent+flaccid


only to find husband #3  had clearly been  with his bovinemistress

bitondogirl   named for the pizza shop  she squats above  i always

know when he’s been with her


his beard  all flour+shrimp🦐



Summer 2022  ..bitondogirl’s brisket..a thing of beauty..not to mention her….

dr. frankenstein i presume?

there will be warehouses for everyone   over 80

where u will be kept alive  all frankenstein+dulleyed

pill dispensers will dispense  pill dispensers  the new

power mongrels


pills pink yellow blue  some cut in 2   what if we

treated death  like the final exalted act  it clearly is

perhaps the pill dispensers have disabled our soulholes?


or the hefty books of religion have numbed us to a pulpy

mess?    be bold    +cut the backs of every blisterpack

fill the graves with candycoloured opiates


the dead don’t need them


they’ve escaped !  up there somewheres  smoking

drinking  fucking  +cavorting with communists   but

mostly laughing   at us


we who write  Do Not Resuscitate  on their files  force

feed the feeble  bloodthinners  rhythmadjusters  +filthy



causing urine

to flow freely

in hallways

where angels

fear to tread


..that was the end..everybody walked away from our

species’ least favourite activity – and he was left behind..

..they had found their rhythm archaic ritual old

fashioned workmen feeding a furnace with fuel.. stop 

burying my father’s face! ..but they couldn’t stop and

they wouldn’t stop..

(Philip Roth  Everyman  2006  *read at yer own risk) 


Summer 2022     ..summer of ghouls..


i don’t know about u  but the longterm care home

i visit  is bleak  33 yrs ago  i regularly jousted  with

my dying father’s ginger doctor  who speaks in rabbi



about the 30+ pills  father was on  to keep him alive:

Aprill  i want him to die  in perfect condition.. and

when can we meet for a drink?




at what point does the dance macabre  become the

new normal?  housing life’s vets in residences   full +



cloaked in language  goldenyear+obfuscation:  here

we have the non-weightbearing shower  this as my

old brother and i  crept away


then there was the time we were escorted into a room

with fresh catshit on the floor  room rankstank   + a man

who frequented the Yorkville folk scene  wandered the

halls  in a  Peter Paul +Mary  onesie


with any luck in 20 yrs  i will be on the underside  of the

grass  or better still  on the otherside of the world  on a

hog    oink oink    i can barely drive a car



Spring 2022

(did not fade away…or die.. before they got old..)

if you think i’m crazy you should meet my sister

what ever happened to baby Jane?  sitting in my finery

in the park   in deep thought  go ahead  take a shot

which one is  she   Baby Jane or sister Blanche?


she  likes the company of gentlemen  beautiful+succubus

goddess of homefires  +the mystery   the mystery that is

Shomedy   a haven for druggies


+middle class families  in the 50’s  drugs of choice  valley

of the dolls  redux   xanax valium  +benzo   all chanel+kenzo

my aunt lived there   gave me my first Barbie


a deadringer for her   except for the lonnnng legs+tinywaist

no  not those  it was the redmouthed longing  to not be plastic

to not be bound  in a striped maillot for eternity


these reminded me   of Shirley

(whose husband invented the bikini..)

but auntie  is not the goddess to whom i refer

go ahead   infer


so  which one is  she   Baby Jane or Blanche?

What’s the difference?  as Tom Petty quipped

pre kissing the sky



Spring 2022








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