"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

sittin way up high

as i described her to husband #3  he gazed

longingly  +febrile   she twentysomething +moorish

skin smooth +gormless


breasts riding high  like in that song  u know the one

she has the same name as a lugubrious nephew  who

needs a girl   sans edges


because edges shred hearts  +have even been known

to penetrate soulholes  most violently  i myself lean toward

edges   #3 a reliquary of my piercings


but he loves me

like a rock

SM his proclivity


these young buddingbitches  crawling all over one another

and him   in our hood   however what i do not see  is  depth

in the eyes


more shallow pools of sweetlust  for hipster boys  with

rank beards  +a side of rona   but i love the girls of summer

like my own lost libido


squandered somewheres

on the road

to nowheresville



Summer of Lerv

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