"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

back away from me slowly

when was it that i came to care about

chipped china


a shantytown

in which to die


now feral+zara  i wait for the 7th wave (?)

the pestilence hiding in plainsight  to bite

the lard asses of  the 2 Neanderthals  i

encountered yesterday


all   toxic masculine

on the outside

and rotting pussy

on the inside


their repartee: (to masked poet on the TTC)

don’t worry he won’t give u covid!

did u hear the one about the woman they tested

they found out she’s pregnant  and u know where

they had to stick it !!


enduring this after a 2hr pulmonary extravaganza

in an enclosed booth  with a millennial respirologist

who i had to drop kick in the cunt


OK  i’ve been degraded  humiliated  +isolated

i have clearance to use the C word people !



Summer 2022 go play in traffic..


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