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If the mammo-technician keels over

or ISIS attacks  I will be stranded

here in the clutches of this giant

robot breast eater   Women lined

up for hours to give offerings  Silent

pacts with ugly machines  Please don’t

find anything that will kill me  Then spat

out onto -33 streets  hair blowing in the

frigid breeze  But free   And freedom tastes

like warm milk


mamo garage








Winter 2015




Today is the anniversary of John Keats’

death  in Rome at 25  Shelley alive until 29

died at Sardinia  drowned in a stormy sea

His elegy for Keats  Adonias  remains the

great lyric treatise of the Romantics


Lord Byron too died on a far shore  Greece

at 36  from a cold +violent fever  The last of

the great Romantics   She walks in beauty

like the night of cloudless climes +starry skies


A far cry from the: New Romantics  A group of

brits  ex-patriots  who walk  in darkness   The latest

recruits of ISIS   3 teenage girls 15-17  heading for

Istanbul  Soon to be the wives of jihadis   My little

sister is an A student   To convince such young girls

who are vulnerable  is really evil


Romantic notions of becoming jihadi-brides   shattered

along old spice-routes  leading to lives of servitude  rape

+martyrdom   Look at the girls in sneakers & colourful

clothes smiling as each walks alone  through security at



On their way to Turkey now  where youth grows pale  and

spectre thin  and dies  where beauty cannot keep    These

light winged dryads  of East London


Ode to Nithingale




jihad girls






Come home. We miss you. We can’t stop crying.

Abase Hussen 47   father of  Amira  missing since Tuesday



Winter  2015









He is black  a 4th brother  If he were a

Beatle he’d be the 5th   Afro in pom poms

27 inches at the withers  Smart as a whip (don’t ask)

Came from Buffalo on a crisp Spring day  & stayed

for more than a decade


A good listener  cool calm +collected friend   mean

tobogganer  same hiding spot for 13 years!  Blackie Was

Here  graffiti  all over the hood


Here lies Blackie Blacksonavitch  covered in brother’s

barfy blanket   Making his way to canine heaven  trailing

dog-shaped clouds   Later baked him into holy wafers  a

sacrament given at the side-door   Father placed one under

each child’s tongue  early one morning before Milkman’s run


balck poodle



Winter  2015    RIP   Blacksonavitch & Lee



A giant mouse has invaded my house

His eyelashes are pale+his breath reeks of

craft ale   His favourite disc is War On Drugs

It’s trippy chords make him long for more  & reflect

upon days in the fire-tower in Quetico


You see he travelled near+far to find my door ajar  &

crept in  ragged bandana  +all    I don’t know whether

to ice him or marry him  or send him out for taxidermy

But I do know that come Spring he will pack his gear  &

hightail it outta here for greener pastures +a plump Minnie


She who will listen to his mousey-lore especially re: the goals

he’s scored  (five hole baby!)   so much better than  me


rat on


(how ’bout that top shelf wrister!)




Winter  2015  ..hanging on by a thread..



People often forget that  says Justin Bieber

in an age when what it means to be human is

in a state of ill-repute   A horrifying litany of

daily statistics: Sunni ISIS militants  consider

200 million Shiites apostates in need of slaughter

Or North Darfur in October  200 women+daughters

raped in 36 hrs.  Then there is the Democratic Republic

of Congo where 400,000 women were violated in one

year (2006-2007)


A new term has been coined to describe the mayhem in

the Levant: Islamo-facism   And this is just the tip  In Halifax

3 youths enamoured of serial killers+school shooters  plan a

mass-murder on Valentine’s Day   In his treatise on human love

(+Lies)  Clancy Martin  philosopher U of Missouri  notes: A great

deal of how well we love has to do with how well we lie  both to

ourselves  & to each other  


He goes on to argue that a well honed ability to bend the truth is a

necessity   the glue  if you will of human love   An exercise in Hope

versus Honesty   It is also true that the current wave of death-cult

debauchery must be addressed  this slow+casual atrophy of the

human soul no less


Are you brave enough to ask your partner   staring off into space:

What are you thinking?  What creative manipulations   evasions

misrepresentations  lurk in the average human soul?   Think of the

apple   Think of life in our apocalyptic-eden  We higher beings have

perfected damnation    We are not animals      We are Man







Winter  2015



Nothing prepared me for what I

discovered behind Robards Library

Chinese cherry trees blooming in

February  & a dog named Sue singing

a tune  Put on your high heel sneakers

because we’re going out tonight  Sue

crooned  And somewhere an alien wind

blew what might have been to smithereens

Don’t wait for a tarnished Spring to discover

how false this life has been    Start now






Winter  2015  minus 40



Ye ah  Ye ah  he keeps repeating  the way pretty young

men with beards +woolcaps do   He has been on a banter

barrage for the past 17minutes to a woman not seen since

2013   YaYaYa she responds   Tweets start-ups blind-dial blog

He drones on+on    Her life story withers on beard boy’s vine


But she does not go gently into narcissistic blight    Voice grows

shrill   Throws coffee at his hipster face   +purse through plate

glass  with DELICA in gold letters   Upscale mayhem  West Queen

West   You just know the conjugal visit sex with a woman like this

will be  explosive💣   Police cordon off the street as Torontonians

hunker home  in minus19


girls of january




Winter  2015  ❤︎Day





Have you seen Interstellar?   The one where

Matthew McConaughey’s drawl screams Texas

though he’s a farmer deep in the West   He plays

Cooper the astronaut  still in love with his dead wife

Up in space the scientists debate the biological imperative

behind: loving the departed


Clearly love is the glue that holds the human tribe together

Without it there would be no civilization   Without it there

would be no hate  Not love’s opposite  but a variant on the

continuum of human emotion  The dead hold us in their thrall

Where are they after all?   A place where our after-life family  is

making a go of eternity  while back on Earth we worship the dead

with a kind of idolatry


Yesterday someone asked me:  Isn’t love the root of all enmity  misery  

treachery?  One might even place acts of revenge in this same category

Just this week the head of Cairo’s thousand year old Al Azar Institute called

for those who burned a young pilot alive  in a cage  in a well staged media

circus   to be: killed or crucified or have their hands +legs cut off

Why live for anything else?  Our masterpiece   is  LOVE


In the early days of the 21st Century love grows tired   Even Beyonce makes no

bones about the SM dimensions love can take  whipping Jay Z into a near frenzy

in front of millions of Grammy viewers  last night on tv



tired love




*Burning someone alive is prohibited as a punishment that belongs to God alone,

applied in hell, while beheadings on the other hand have a long history among 

many of humanity’s religions.  (Globe&Mail February 5, 2015)  



Winter 2015     For Valentine’s Day  ❤︎






I have had 3 wedding dresses to date   The 1st an

ecru silk confection by Tiel Traina   The 2nd on the

cover of Italian Vogue  Model the wife of a Rolling Stone


Eventually  the dress  morphed into an aubergine suit   (by

Price & Roman)   I even have the shoes from marriage number 1

Gorgeous Thierry Muglers  spider webbed and silver   And whenever

I get a case of the wedding dress blues   I moan on the shoulder of

old number 2


marc chagall:wine glass

Double Portrait With Wineglass

Marc Chagall 1918



Fall 2013



Need I say more?  William James coined the term

multiverse  Likely he needed a parallel reality to

the James house   A mad sister  Father heard voices

William too   Perhaps bi-polar?  or touched by the

Godhead  this revered pioneer of the psyche


Later  much later  physicists hijacked the multiverse

+made it their own    They posit a vast number of

parallel universes  where we live out different versions

of our lives    Every time you reach a crossroads   two

daughter universes arise: 1 in which you turn right  +1

in which you turn left


In each there is a copy of you living the outcome  Thinking

incorrectly that it’s  the only you   It is also true that sometimes

these parallel lives are not out of reach  Sometimes they slam

right into each other   Take the days when deja vu is so strong

you cannot possibly belong  to your own story


When you forget there is a husband #3    & husband #2 looks surprised

all the time  It’s like he never really knew you existed   One day you grow

a strange smell   +laugh like a stranger    When you speak   your language

becomes oblique  Paris France is heard as Aspen Colorado!  Parallel worlds?

Or late middle-age  when you no longer disrobe   in the shower



Our universe is one of potentially numerous slabs floating in a higher

dimensional space, much like a slice of bread within a grander cosmic

loaf.    Brian Greene   Physicist     The Hidden Reality  2011 





Deep Winter  2015

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