"It's about words, and words are all I have…"



Have you seen Interstellar?   The one where

Matthew McConaughey’s drawl screams Texas

though he’s a farmer deep in the West   He plays

Cooper the astronaut  still in love with his dead wife

Up in space the scientists debate the biological imperative

behind: loving the departed


Clearly love is the glue that holds the human tribe together

Without it there would be no civilization   Without it there

would be no hate  Not love’s opposite  but a variant on the

continuum of human emotion  The dead hold us in their thrall

Where are they after all?   A place where our after-life family  is

making a go of eternity  while back on Earth we worship the dead

with a kind of idolatry


Yesterday someone asked me:  Isn’t love the root of all enmity  misery  

treachery?  One might even place acts of revenge in this same category

Just this week the head of Cairo’s thousand year old Al Azar Institute called

for those who burned a young pilot alive  in a cage  in a well staged media

circus   to be: killed or crucified or have their hands +legs cut off

Why live for anything else?  Our masterpiece   is  LOVE


In the early days of the 21st Century love grows tired   Even Beyonce makes no

bones about the SM dimensions love can take  whipping Jay Z into a near frenzy

in front of millions of Grammy viewers  last night on tv



tired love




*Burning someone alive is prohibited as a punishment that belongs to God alone,

applied in hell, while beheadings on the other hand have a long history among 

many of humanity’s religions.  (Globe&Mail February 5, 2015)  



Winter 2015     For Valentine’s Day  ❤︎




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