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2nd coming

heard thumps overhead   rushed up to roof

+there was bigbro   2 yrs. dead   flopped on

his side  looking way better than when i’d

seen him last


florida hospice   going fast   and fast is a

relative term   we brushed him off  +he

regaled us  with tales of the crypt


ape it’s not what u think!  lunch is 

5x the price  +the shrimp are NOT the size

of your arm  but otherwise it’s fairly  hospitable  


there was this one guy who insisted he was

my brother   but they’re both still alive  so what

kind of jive was he talking?          unless



..generally he finds the secret not worth knowing..

(Heart of Darkness  Joseph Conrad  1902)





Fall 2020  .. hey  can’t we get them some bigger shrimp? ..

i say joe i gotta go

my attendance at 5 deathbeds  confirms

that the throes  they ebb  into a fabulist peace

a release so gentle  it makes birth  that garish

bloodbath !  an unquiet grotesque



of course

it is


not so  the birthing of death  no forceps   (just those prying sister’s fingers off of u)

here there is a low swinging  to the wailing

of those who are losing u  who do not see

that u are just over yonder    waiting


so don’t u weep

don’t u moan


DON’T  wish them back

fer chrissakes


get a life



..she could still see, feel, his mind darting, and darting..

(William Faulkner  Light In August  1932)




Fall 2020  ..long may u run .. Marty Atkins.. May 19, 1946-October 21, 2018.. waiting.. and darting..

don’t ask


it must be  that the twilightzone  has split open

+those GIANTS peering over the town  (did u see that episode?)

a couple in a 1950’s convertible roll into a quaint

town  it is empty  even the kitchen drawers are fake


well those giants loom overhead   as i negotiate with

bureaucrats for my old mother’s freedom   in the

nowapocalypse     LET MY MOTHER GO!    my voice

all moses +shrill   *(not the 1st time i have tried to free her)


CHOMP CHOMP   now deep inside the stinking mancavity

of a giant   it smells of moss  mingled with fecal  +oldcovid

about to be shat out?    birthed?


or  maybe i’m in Woody Allen’s sex flick  inside the spermatron

where i am about to experience conception  fer chrissakes!  it

smells like salt  + tastes like slave



..born into this..into a place where the masses elevate fools  into rich heroes..

born into this..pissed on by this.. made crazy and sick by this..

(Charles Bukowski  Dinosauria, we)   




Fall  2020  ..autopilot is your friend..

here i lie

..fell down + can’t get up..


since the first caveman  shambolic  +fetid

lay +did not get up  humans have not been

fond of death   but  who loves peace more

than death?


hands up if u think u do


when the wind brings covidlaced spittle

to the nostril’s edge   +sister morphine  +

sister death  wait in the wings  this deathbed

thing   becomes  lugubrious   repetitious


+death’s bitches  huddle  in condos+caves




Fall 2020



trump + mailorderbride took a ride to covidland

didn’t like the diversity  or rubbing shoulders with

the petit bourgeoisie


covid is not:  racist  sexist  homophobic   it is not a

hater   so they felt uberlonely   now riding in a sealed

rover   trump blows kisses to the masses  as covid

crawls up the a****   of his secretservice bitches


while back at the whitesthouse  Mel blows  hot+cold

about decorating that:  fucking x-mas tree  (as heard on tape)


oh bartleby  oh humanity




FALL 2020

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