"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

i say joe i gotta go

my attendance at 5 deathbeds  confirms

that the throes  they ebb  into a fabulist peace

a release so gentle  it makes birth  that garish

bloodbath !  an unquiet grotesque



of course

it is


not so  the birthing of death  no forceps   (just those prying sister’s fingers off of u)

here there is a low swinging  to the wailing

of those who are losing u  who do not see

that u are just over yonder    waiting


so don’t u weep

don’t u moan


DON’T  wish them back

fer chrissakes


get a life



..she could still see, feel, his mind darting, and darting..

(William Faulkner  Light In August  1932)




Fall 2020  ..long may u run .. Marty Atkins.. May 19, 1946-October 21, 2018.. waiting.. and darting..

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