"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

don’t ask


it must be  that the twilightzone  has split open

+those GIANTS peering over the town  (did u see that episode?)

a couple in a 1950’s convertible roll into a quaint

town  it is empty  even the kitchen drawers are fake


well those giants loom overhead   as i negotiate with

bureaucrats for my old mother’s freedom   in the

nowapocalypse     LET MY MOTHER GO!    my voice

all moses +shrill   *(not the 1st time i have tried to free her)


CHOMP CHOMP   now deep inside the stinking mancavity

of a giant   it smells of moss  mingled with fecal  +oldcovid

about to be shat out?    birthed?


or  maybe i’m in Woody Allen’s sex flick  inside the spermatron

where i am about to experience conception  fer chrissakes!  it

smells like salt  + tastes like slave



..born into this..into a place where the masses elevate fools  into rich heroes..

born into this..pissed on by this.. made crazy and sick by this..

(Charles Bukowski  Dinosauria, we)   




Fall  2020  ..autopilot is your friend..

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