"It's about words, and words are all I have…"

2nd coming

heard thumps overhead   rushed up to roof

+there was bigbro   2 yrs. dead   flopped on

his side  looking way better than when i’d

seen him last


florida hospice   going fast   and fast is a

relative term   we brushed him off  +he

regaled us  with tales of the crypt


ape it’s not what u think!  lunch is 

5x the price  +the shrimp are NOT the size

of your arm  but otherwise it’s fairly  hospitable  


there was this one guy who insisted he was

my brother   but they’re both still alive  so what

kind of jive was he talking?          unless



..generally he finds the secret not worth knowing..

(Heart of Darkness  Joseph Conrad  1902)





Fall 2020  .. hey  can’t we get them some bigger shrimp? ..

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